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Strange Bacteria on the move and a solution thereto



Strange Bacteria Causes Disease


May 4, 2016

Medical science has told us, for at least the last 75 years, that if we have a certain set of symptoms, we are afflicted with a distinct brand of dis – ease. What they haven’t bothered to tell us is that a certain snake like bacteria can cause over 300 different sets of symptoms depending on the location of the weak spots in each person’s body. These are intelligent little critters that can tour our bodies and settle in those weak spots.

This particular bacteria is very contagious and can be transmuted by a sneeze, a kiss or a mosquito bite. What that leads to is a whole family can be infested with these tiny snakes and each one has a different set of symptoms, and are thus each diagnosed with a different major disease. You can see where this would lead.

snake like bacteria intelligent little critters

Each one is prescribed a different set of medications which somewhat suppress the symptoms, but do nothing to eradicate the cause. It’s called Dis – ease management. It’s sort of like farming with a crop that grows every year without replanting. It simply has to be managed and you have a perpetual cash cow. It’s like anything else in life. Once you understand that this bacteria could be causing your disease, you can take intelligent steps to eradicate them. A way to eradicate these tiny snakes has been found several times. Will the medical mainstream tell us about it? Of course not because that would put a stop to a multi-billion dollar medical scam that very few of your personal doctors are even aware of.

Dis-ease management does nothing but make tons of money for the managers, big Pharma. You still have the same problem which gradually gets worse, plus you end up with debilitating side effects from the prescriptions you’re taking. Of course you personally can put a stop to it. You will first have to divorce your doctor along with the medical religion you’ve been programmed with. Now I don’t mean drop everything you’re currently doing cold turkey. Perhaps on a daily basis you could also slowly start using this inexpensive chemical that’s been proven by thousands of people to kill those little snaky bacteria and see if you don’t slowly start to feel better over time. Of course your doctor wouldn’t approve because he’s been taught to only push expensive mainstream chemicals.

The bacteria killing chemical

I’m talking about has been approved by the FDA to clean all your meats and vegetables so we don’t all get sick from our everyday food. Naturally there are hundreds of different kinds of pathogens on those commercially raised food products and this inexpensive chemical has been proven to kill them all. This chemical does not even have to be washed off and was even used after hurricane Katrina to clean all the mold fungus and bacteria from those flood soaked buildings and homes. Of course it’s not been mentioned by the mainstream that it can be used in very small consistent doses to clean our bodies internally.

This simple chemical discovered in the 1800s in Russia has been used to purify water supplies by towns all over the world where the officials were aware of the side effects of the most common’s water purifiers, and chose to use this product because it has no known side effects. For use in purifying your body only a few drops [ 1 to 3 usually] are put in a glass of water. There is a very simple way to do this that you can learn in moments, to get the benefits we’re describing.

You’ve probably had your body condition for quite some time so don’t expect it to clear up instantly. You should plan on using the purifier for several months and if you get quicker relief than that, simply thank God, and pray for a long happy life.

Chlorine Dioxide

The chemical you’re going to use is called chlorine dioxide. This form of chlorine causes no side effects, because its side effect causing components are all used up by the time it gets to the dioxide form. It must be made just before use as it usually has a one hour shelf-life. You simply put a drop each of two different long shelf- life chemicals together in a dry glass wait 20 seconds, and just that quick you have your pathogen killer. Fill your glass with water and you’re ready to start taking charge of your own health.

The longer you’ve had your illness the fewer drops you use at a time because it’s very efficient at killing off pathogens. If you start with several drops you may kill off way more bugs than your elimination system can easily get rid of, so you may get the runs, nausea etc. You can even start with a half drop or less and add more next time if you feel okay. Believe it or not you can be a better judge of what your body needs than anyone else outside your body can ever know, regardless of how many years training they have. I know we’ve been taught to let other so-called experts do our thinking for us but ultimately it is up to us whether we retrieve a healthy body, or let it die and have to leave it.



The two chemicals are number one, a sodium chlorite solution [this is not sodium chloride- table salt] and number two a 50% citric acid solution [the same acid found in lemons]. When a drop of each is put together they’re both canceled out and a new chemical “chlorine dioxide” is formed in about 20 seconds. After it is formed at least one half glass of water is added and it is ready to kill pathogens. So simple, so cheap, you don’t even need insurance. It costs about $25 for a six months to one year supply. You see, that’s the number one problem the mainstream has with it, there’s no money in it, so the mainstream is never going to adopt it. In fact the mainstream hires people to badmouth it and talk about its danger even though the food and water quality people have proved this is non-toxic and have used it for about 100 years.

Personally, I got rid of fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis with chlorine dioxide, so I like it a lot. I can’t recommend anyone use this water purifying product like I did, because I’m not a doctor. Therefore I am not qualified to make any recommendations and of course I’m certainly not approved by the FDA.

Herb Roi Richards

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