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Childbirth with marijuana oil

‎”One day, Jindrich told me about a local nurse who had used the oil during her pregnancy. She ingested small amounts of the essential oil from the hemp plant to combat a bladder problem she was suffering from and it took care of her condition very quickly. She had also mixed this oil with hemp seed oil and used it topically to successfully prevent stretch marks. There are many accounts in history of women using cannabis during childbirth, so when her time came, she made sure there was enough oil in her system. Since this was the first time she had given birth, it was expected that she would have to go through quite a bit of suffering. When she was taken to the hospital, she received no injections, but still there was little pain involved and the baby was born in perfect health about 30 minutes later.

For many, women childbirth can be a very painful experience. So why should women suffer needlessly when they can use this natural substance, which presents no danger to themselves or the baby they are about to deliver? In a short time, I expect to see hemp oil widely used by expectant mothers and I’m sure it will be of great benefit to both mother and child.”

Rick Simpson

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