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Sick children – old fashioned way to go to heal instantly

Greetings from Matt Monarch

Heal Your Child Instantly!

The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

Later this week I intend to address the information shared here in a video. Surely, I will be ranting in this upcoming video, because I am so tired of people stuck in the “system”, doing everything that they are told by “authority” figures such as their doctors and family members, all out of fear and weakness.

The information that I am going to share today with you in this article below is so basic and obvious to me and I feel extremely sad that the majority of the people will likely just brush this info off. I’m hoping that the many testimonials further below show you the truth behind this legitimate info. I feel very sorry for anyone who doesn’t grasp this concept today, as your childrens’ health is on the line here…

How many times has your child been sick or you have seen a child sick, and you wanted to do everything in your power to help this child heal? In these situations, the majority of children in our societies of course end up going to the doct0r and taking toxic pharmaceutical drugs and/or medicine. An “alternative”-minded caretaker might try natural remedies such as colloidal silver, medicinal herbs, and other concoctions to help the child heal, which inevitably fail the majority of the time. I would guess that the majority of these well-meaning caretakers end up distraught and back at the doct0r’s office too, because the alternative methods they tried didn’t quite do the trick.

What if I told you that giving a sick child an emema may bring instantaneous healing results?!

Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience…

Many months ago one of my neighbors who I was visiting was asking me if I had any Echinacea, Colloidal Silver or Ginseng. When I heard this, I knew something was going on. I asked why he wanted these things, and he told me that their child was bed-ridden. This little boy was extremely sick with a massive headache and couldn’t move. My inner core knew that the supplements they were asking for would do nothing in this case. All sickness due to purging toxicity is the same! It’s the body trying to purge out an overload of toxins that have build up. Taking these kinds of products is not going to help the body massively purge in the most beneficial way. This concept is being suppressed to dumb-down the human poplation while taking all of their money in the hospitals at the same time.

Gently, I told these friends that I did have a few of the products they were looking for, yet my feeling was that they would get far better results from giving their child an enema instead. I even told them that the results might be instantaneous. This dear husband and wife looked at each other with their eyebrows scrunched up, smiling, stating that their child doesn’t like to do that sort of thing. I just shrugged my shoulders and let it be. I then started talking to the husband about other things for around 20 minutes. Soon enough, the wife and her little son came walking outside. The boy was on his feet, feeling completely better, as if nothing had happened. We both looked at them in surprise and the mom told us that she had just given him an enema, with amazing results!

Instantaneous results!

Again, in this kind of situation, most children would surely end up going to the doct0r and taking drugs, which would leave them less healthy overall. The toxins that want to purge, don’t actually get to come out when a child takes medicine. An enema, on the other hand, cleanses the child, leaving them more healthy. The drug surpresses the toxins and waste within the child’s body, while even more toxins are being added via the drugs themselves, leaving the child less “clean” and more unhealthy. In the long-run, these backed-up toxins will try to purge from the body once again and there will be even more build-up to handle the next time.

Well, now that you are an adult, let’s look back, and what if every time you got sick in the past, instead of going to the hospital and taking drugs, you cleansed your colon until you felt better and got all this purging out?

Well, your child has this chance if you choose this method of natural healing.

This cycle is ongoing and you can see why so many human bodies currently end up diseased in the long-run. We continually stop the natural purging process with drugs, and every time the body tries to unload these toxins once again, we suppress the process with more drugs. By the time we are 40, most of us have repeated this process so many times that most people find their bodies are riddled with at least one or more of the myriad illnesses plaguing humanity today.

I shared this story of that child instantaneously healing on our video shows and since then we have received a mass of messages from many people thanking us and stating that their children felt 100 X’s better after doing an enema. A little bit further below are a few examples from people who all0wed us to share their stories of their children healing instantaneously after doing an enema.

Before I give you these examples, let me express my frustration about this common sense information being lost in today’s day and age. Although in this ‘new age’ this natural procedure may sound foreign to you, to millions of people around the world enemas are just common sense and the first method to healing disease. It’s the same as breastfeeding. In this ‘new age’, breastfeeding is now inappropriate and women are scared to do this in front of friends and even family these days. While to millions of other people around the world, breastfeeding is absolute common sense.

Check out this one minute video below that I found on the internet of a normal child from a normal family giving her stuffed bear animals enemas. Besides this one minute video being extremely cute and funny, this child shows you the common sense of doing enemas when sick, how it heals you, and makes you feel better. Her parents obviously taught her this natural procedure.

Check out this video below:

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