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Water filter system – inexpensive and effective

Available from BIO-SIL very soon!


Water filter system

producing delicious water!


What each filter does :

CERAMIC DOME: Removes suspended sedimentation and bacteria below 1 micron in size ( Typhoid, cholera, Bilharzia etc ) The ceramic domes in the unit can be cleaned up to 300 times with a scourer brush and can last many years . The mineral stones in the flat disc will easily last 3 years without replacement

ACTIVATED CARBON with NANO SILVER: Removes chlorine, THM’s (trihalomethanes). organic chemicals , unpleasant tastes and odours and kills residue bacteria on contact

PH STABILISER : Prevents ph in water dropping significantly stabilising the system

SILICA SAND : – Removes acidic components from the water boosting alkalinity

ZEOLITE : – Removes heavy metals from the water such as lead, mercury and cadmium which can lead to terminal illnesses

MINERAL SAND : – releases minerals and balances the ph of the water and thus restores ph of body fluids

MINERAL STONE : mined over 400 meters below sea level in unpolluted areas containing GERMANIUM which promotes health and is said to prevent cancer while also removing heavy metals , toxins, odours and other water borne impurities. releases over 20 kinds of minerals and can do so for more than 5 years oxygenating the water and keeping it a mild alkaline balance

WATER TAP WITH MAGNET: – causes free moving molecules just like mineral spring water that promotes health and vitality
There are two sizes of the filters available:

24 litre and 14 litre
Extras : pH alkalising stones and additional filter cartridges which only need to be replaced annually.

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