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Siberian Pine Nut Oil – authentic!

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Anyone who has read the Anastasia books will know the value of this amazing product!

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Authentic Siberian Pine Nut Oil

The Other Option’s DIGESTIVE REMEDY Siberian Pine Nut Oil is cold pressed from hand picked Siberian Pine Nuts sourced from forests in Russia. Our product is packed in an oxygen free environment to retain the healing properties and ensure freshness in every bottle.

Only premium quality authentic SIBERIAN Pine Nut Oil contains the unique properties your body needs to repair itself. Siberian Pine Nuts contain the richest source of pinolenic acid of ALL the pine nut species. If it’s not Siberian, it’s not authentic.

Please note the term extra virgin siberian pine nut oil is incorrect. Extra virgin is a term used for the various stages of pressing the olive when producing olive oil, this is a culinary term which denotes different grades of flavour.
The quality of Siberian Pine Nut Oil is dependent on the climate, region and the type of soil it is grown in – all of these factors contribute to the grading of a pine nut, which also explains why top quality Siberian Pine Nuts are more expensive and considered a specialty pine nut species.

So you’ve tried EVERYTHING for your stomach discomfort and nothing seems to work?

The Other Option has the answer! 

Our premium product, DIGESTIVE REMEDY Siberian Pine Nut Oil, voted as one of the “TOP MOST POPULAR HEALTH PRODUCTS” by The SA Journal of Natural Medicine, is a NATURAL alternative for stomach ailments.

Why Siberian and why The Other Option? Of all the pine nuts species, authentic SIBERIAN Pine Nut Oil contains the highest quantity of pinolenic acid, the key active ingredient. Our speciality product contains the highest source of pinolenic acid in the market place.

DIGESTIVE REMEDY Siberian Pine Nut Oil is a supportive tonic that maintains and promotes digestion, health and vitality.

We recommend our product as a natural support for: Acid Reflux,Barrett’s OesophagusBloatingBurning abdominal and stomach painCholesterol LevelsColitisConstipation, Decreased Immunity,GasGastritisGERD,H. pyloriIBS and Low Energy.


How much should I take and when?

DIGESTIVE REMEDY Siberian Pine Nut Oil should be taken on an empty stomach 30 – 60 minutes before food. Refrigerate or store below 24°C. Protect from heat and sunlight

3 x per day for 6-8 weeks.

An extra 5ml can be taken at ANY TIME when symptoms of heartburn or reflux arise. 

For chronic conditions the dosage can be increased to 10 ml for the for 1 -2 weeks. 

1 x per day. 

VITAMINS Per 5ml dosage: Vitamin A 1.46 mcg, Vitamin D 3.1 mcg, Vitamin E 2.5 mg 
MINERALS Per 5ml dosage: Calcium 5 mg, Copper 182 mcg,
Iodine Value 27 mcg, Iron 866 mcg, Manganese 729 mcg,
Magnesium 25 mg, Phosphorus 38 mg, Potassium 30 mg,
Sodium 9 mg, Zinc 912 mcg.


Not suitable for nut or seed allergy sufferers.
We highly recommend that our oil is NOT used in conjunction with antacids, acid blockers or PPI’s.
This product contains omega 6, when taking anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs (Warfarin, aspirin or any other blood thinning medication) caution is advised as omega 6 may increase bruising and bleeding. Please consult your health practitioner before using.

BABIES: Do NOT use before contacting The Other Option on
0861 88 88 39 or

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