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BIO-SIL Healing Gel for Itchy Skin

Just a lovely story to share in case of similar problems :

I have used with a certain amount of success a product from  ………….  for minor skin problems.

However, it did not work too well for another specific problem I have VIZ very itchy skin on my lower legs possibly due to dryness coupled with a type of varicose vein problem.

I’ve tried every type of cream available – even a mild cortisone mixture without any lasting effect because everyone of the products contain paraffin – which as you know – actually dries out the skin and therefore treatment needs to be applied daily and instead of relieving the problem – it does in fact – get worse!

I am 79 years of age and my skin has become wafer thin and so I am constantly on the look-out for any product that appears to be the answer to my problem.

When I saw Bio-Sil at Steps to Health Pharmacy (Diep River, Cape Town) I was prepared to take another chance – so I bought your product on 20/9/12 and since using the gel (every night after showering) the itchy skin problem just disappeared from the first application!!

I thank you for this wonderful product – My one fear is that for some reason the product will be taken off the market and then what will I do??

I tell all and sundry about the product – everyone who is prepared to listen, that is.

Thank you again!



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