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Back to Eden farming methods

Confirmation of the wonderful


method of growing food

I can vouch absolutely for this – I started practising these methods on

the farm I share about a year and a half ago and the benefits

are exactly as described!

It shows how destructive and unsustainable some conventional

farming methods actually are,kl not to mention being really labour intensive too!


Adding LIFE to your years and years to your life!

I had the most amazing experience yesterday to be the guest of Paul Gautschi at his garden in Sequim, Wa.  Paul is the gardener behind the film Back to Eden, which you can find at  The food coming out of his garden is spectacular and the taste is beyond this world.



Everything was sweet.  We first tasted some Kale (from last year!!!) that was starting to flower.  He broke off some tops for us and said to try it.  I was amazed how sweet and moist it was.  I gobbled up a ton more.  His spinach as picture perfect, like from a food blog photo shoot.  Green and shiny and huge for only being weeks old.  Again, sweet.  What amazed me the most was the asparagus.  Just pick off a shoot and chow down the sweetest, most tender asparagus I’ve ever had.  His food would make eating raw soooooo easy!!!  I can’t even stand to think about the fact I’ll have to eat farmers market food until my garden is bigger.  It was that good.  You could feel the health pouring out of it.  Strawberries that were surreal, and his fruit trees………….so loaded with fruit in the past that the branches hang down permanently.  He has to prune them back so they don’t produce so much as he can’t give it all away.  His chickens were like sent from heaven.  Big and lovely colors and they were so happy.  They would scratch big holes in the earth and roll around in them like a dog at the beach.  I had been at  a friends house earlier in the day and his chickens looked sick next to these beauties.

And here’s the deal…………….he does this all with little work, no watering, no feed for the poultry, no additives to the ground, NOTHING!!!!   You can watch about how he grows his food (my new way this year too!) in the film and it’s fascinating.  The chickens eat all the scraps from the house and garden.  The break it all up in their pen and turn it into the most beautiful compost I’ve ever seen, and it doesn’t stink at all.  He gets 2 dozen eggs a day and feels that is just a bonus to having the best composters right in his backyard.


This was just the best day ever and I encourage everyone to watch the film and seriously consider how you grow your food.  Paul loves to give tours of his garden and he is the nicest man in the world.  I feel so privileged to have spent this day with him.

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