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Here’s to new healing methods!

 Please note this information has just landed in my INBOX.

It sounds amazing!    I have not yet tried it.  Please do send feedback if you try

the methods outlined so that we can share it.

I have provided the web address etc herebelow for further investigation.


We are at the SMME  Durban Business Fair from 21-24 September 2012. All visitors that listen to our 30 minute presentation will receive a free
“there is no killer HIV” DVD, with the recipe of Umlingo WamaNgcolosi, a free copy of “Inventing the AIDS virus” and “Power to the people” doc.


About Us

Those who have the blessings to know us before going to a doctor, will be able to treat the cause instead of the symptom of any disease.  In 2005 we made a film that documented a 4 months free of charge healing session of 400 people in the KwaNgcolosi area. In 2006, Umlingo WamaNgcolosi Juice (based on what we had learned from Tine & Nely van der maas) was tested by the South African National Health Department with a 96% recovery rate across all encountered diseases.

More Information

IsiZulu info: 073 478 4499  –  English: 083 746 4536 –

Contact Us

Phone: 083 746 4536
Vika Road, Ngcolosi Court House, KwaNgcolosi 3652, South Africa

KwaNgcolosi Information Clinic
P.O.Box 832
Waterfall 3652
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Facebook groups:
From HIV positive to HIV negative
Sugar is a Drug
Animal eaters are ignorant
HIV is nothing – AIDS can be healed



Dirk Koekemoer

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