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Water Purification – inexpensive and great!

This is a great water purification system – it is inexpensive and

a special bonus is that the filter is only replaced annually.

The water tastes amazing.

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Mineral Pot Water Filter

I have used this water filter for a few weeks now and I am absolutely amazed at what it is doing for us. Water tastes great, it is fresher, cleaner and feels as though it is absorbed better. The PH stabilisation is also fantastic and after testing it, I can see how much more alkaline the water is. As you might know, bacteria and fungus does not grow in alkaline conditions and I love knowing that this water is assisting with this. Here are details of what the filter looks like and what it does:

What each filter does :

CERAMIC DOME: Removes suspended sedimentation and bacteria below 1 micron in size ( Typhoid, cholera, Bilharzia etc ) The ceramic domes in the unit can be cleaned up to 300 times with a scourer brush and can last many years . The mineral stones in the flat disc will easily last 3 years without replacement

ACTIVATED CARBON with NANO SILVER: Removes chlorine, THM’s . Organic Chemicals , unpleasant tastes and odours and kills residue bacteria on contact

PH STABILISER : Prevents ph in water dropping significantly stabilising the system

SILICA SAND: – Removes acidic components from the water boosting alkalinity

ZEOLITE : – Removes heavy metals from the water such as lead, mercury, gold, silver, cadmium which can lead to terminal illnesses

MINERAL SAND : – releases minerals and balances the ph of the water and thus restores ph of body fluids

MINERAL STONE : mined over 400 meters below sea level in unpolluted areas containing GERMANIUM which promotes health and is said to prevent cancer while also removing heavy metals , toxins, odours and other water borne impurities. releases over 20 kinds of minerals and can do so for more than 5 years oxygenating the water and keeping it a mild alkaline balance

WATER TAP WITH MAGNET: – causes free moving molecules just like mineral spring water that promotes health and vitality

There are two sizes of the filters available:

  • · A 24 litre one for R445
  • · 14 litre one for R325
  • · Ph alkalising stones R25
  • · Additional filter cartridge R115 (this needs to be replaced once a year)

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