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Birth Control – did you know about this amazing device?

Lady Comp Assists With Natural Birth Control

Lady-Comp Assists With Natural Birth Control

The Lady-Comp Monitor

Lady-Comp & Baby-Comp Fertility


BabyComp & LadyComp Monitor
Purchase Baby Comp & Lady Comp

Birth control with LadyComp is safe, reliable and natural!
Birth control with Lady Comp focuses mainly on the long-term health and well-being of the woman.

Lady Comp is programmed with all available natural family planning research data and uses biomathematical forecasting calculations as well as the very latest computer techniques. LadyComp contains the first medical expertise to help provide safe, reliable and natural birth control.

The fertile and infertile days can be determined without any bothersome or harmful interventions in the body’s natural functions. Many women suffer from side-effects of the birth control pill. Lady-Comp offers Contraception without drugs or side-effects.

Easy to Use-30 seconds/day
First of all the temperature is taken and then information about the menstrual dates is requested. This information is evaluated and is compared with more then 700.000 cycles. Next, a diagnosis is made regarding the fertility of the next 24 hours (and the following six days). The reliability of this diagnosis has been confirmed in many clinical tests.

All you need to do is press one button a day and to take your temperature orally with the computer’s thermal sensor. The time required each day is only 30 seconds/day.

LadyComp is not only a safe, reliable and natural birth control but also quick and easy to operate.

Safe and reliable:
99.3 percent reliable (Based on independent clinical studies documented by the manufacturer)
Pearl-Index 0.7
Very reliable interpretation of even complicated cycles
Disregards irregular temperature readings
Makes up for missing temperature readings
Clinically tested by Prof. Dr. habil. Günther Freundl
(Senior gynecological consultant at the Women’s Hospital of Düsseldorf)

No side effects
No Drugs
No hormones
No test sticks
No waste
No pollution
No effect on the mother’s milk

Easy to use-30 seconds/day
Red-light = fertile
Green-light = infertile
Yellow-light = (learning-consider as fertile)
Reliable alarm clock
Easy analysis of the cycle – helpful for PMS

One press of a button
Just 30 seconds each morning
Lady Comp provides an instant fertility display
Fertility prognosis for the next 6 days
Lady Comp provides an early pregnancy display after 15 days

For natural birth control and conception
LadyComp can be upgraded to become Baby-Comp
LadyComp is suitable for shift-workers
LadyComp operates well with irregular schedules. Suitable for mothers with small children.
LadyComp is suitable for frequent travelers
Works with mains supply or battery

One time purchase
Over 10 years life expectancy
Very durable
High quality
Made in Germany
No additional cost for test strips
Free print-out and expert analysis of the cycle data

Telephone and E-mail support

RaXMedical Authorized Distributor of Lady Comp & Baby Comp

Authorized North American Distributor

CALL US: 1-866-202-2193

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