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Help to overcome smoking habit

  • Help in overcoming the smoking habit

    Are you trying to quit smoking or know someone who is? Smoking is a sugar addiction. Sugar is the secret ingredient and the major addictive ingredient in tabacco. After harvesting the tabacco leaves they are hung out to dry and then coated with sugar. Smoking tabacco is like smoking burnt sugar. That is why anyone who tries to quit smoking has severe cravings for sugar. The second additive ingrdient in tabacco is nicotine. These two acidic compounds in tabacco makes smoking so dangerous to overall health. Of all diagnosed cancers 90 percent are lung cancers. Out of the 90 percent lung cancer diagnosis, 90 percent are caused by smoking sugar/nicotine laced tabacco. Share these two tips to overcome the hardest parts of smoking cessation.

    #1) For reducing sugar and nicotine withdrawal symptoms, use a spray of pHlavor salts every hour and anytime you have a craving for tabacco or sugar.

    #2) Deal with the oral fixation and hand-to-mouth habit, not by eating lemon drops, but by using a nebulizer of 5ml of pH Miracle pHlavor salt and inhale for 30 minutes twice a day. The added benefit of the nebulizer is that it supports cilia coordination, breaks up congestion and the accumulated acid cyrstals in the lungs. Cilia dis-coordination and sugar and nicotine acid crystals are the reason for the smokers cough that accompanies trying to quit.

    You can learn more about the pH Miracle pHlavor Salts by going to:

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