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Cholesterol – have we been misled?


Cholesterol is a vital building block for the production of hormones.  

To have proper hormone function, we need cholesterol.

Cholesterol is not a deadly poison, but a substance vital to the cells of all mammals.  

There is no evidence that too much animal fat and cholesterol in the diet promote atherosclerosis or heart attacks.

Many of us are wrongly afraid of eating delicious foods that contain this necessary substance.  

Do not believe the television, the newspaper, or the doctor who tells you that cholesterol is bad.

If cholesterol from animal fats were unhyeal;thy, then why do we desire them so much?

Part of this fear-inducing story is the claim that eating too much animal fat raises serum cholesterol and thus increases the chance of heart disease.  

Your body produces three to four times mor3e cholesterol than you eat.

When examined more closely, y9u will see that cholesterol from healthy fats is not dangerous and that cholesterol levels  do not bear any relation to the prevalence of heart disease.

For more information and a plethora of evidence, I recommend visiting  The Cholesterol Myths  by Uffie Ravnskov, MD, PhD, at :

We need dairy products from happy, grass-fed cows!

Source : Cure Tooth Decay : Heal & Prevent Cavities with Nutrition  (p.32)

by Ramiel Nagel

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