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7 Crown Jewels for Great Health

Ed McCabe’s


Here’s the outline summation of the crown  jewel essences that I have learned about healing. The full list is in my new book  Flood Your Body With Oxygen, Therapy For Our Polluted World.

I have witnessed each one of these jewels – all by itself – work miracles. I’ll say it again, each one, all ALONE, has worked miracles! In my experience, from the thousands of interviews I have personally conducted, spanning over 12 years, I have seen surprisingly rapid results appear consistently in people who have properly applied just ONE of these jewels all by itself. Perhaps just oxygen supplementation, or just ionic minerals, or just enzymes, or justcolon cleansing. And don’t forget spiritual practices. Each one of these has proven to be a “power-house” solution ALL BY ITSELF.

Now, imagine your increased level of wellness if you actually COMBINE ALL SEVEN CROWN JEWELS into your life in a consistent daily manner?



Lots of cellular OXYGEN, the body cleanser and immune booster; you’re filthy inside, everybody is. Burn the garbage up, clean it out and rebuild with oxygen! Send the toxins running! Pump up the oxygen so the anaerobic bugs have nowhere to live!


ENZYMES, the purifying and dissolving scavengers and catalysts that remove waste, dead weak diseased and dying old cells, and undigested food particles, which are the source of food for all the microbes in your body and fluids.


Lots of good clean WATER, the major cleanser and transport mechanism for oxygen and hydrogen and minerals and enzymes. After you pump it up, burn it up, purify everything, and start to flush it away, it’s gotta go somewhere, and to do that, you better give the trash something to float in. Flush all the dross out with clear, energetic, natural water! Most people go through life dehydrated, causing themselves unnecessary pain.

CLEAN COLON, to stop auto-toxication and flush wastes. How can you drain the swamp if it has nowhere to go? Don’t re-absorb the garbage because the colon is plugged up at the cell surfaces with hardened mucous. Clean your colon regularly. Try fasting one day a week and using Homozone.


An abundant supply of the basic building blocks of full spectrum major and trace IONIC MINERALS including energetic HYDROGEN ions and Sulphur as MSM. They are as important to life as oxygen is. They are catalysts for the 5,000 chemical reactions that occur in the body every second. They transmit messages between the cells. They maintain the sub-alkaline balance of the blood and skin. Without the proper mineral being available, few of your vitamins will work, there is no cellular communication, and NO healing occurs. First you’ve cleaned it up with the oxygen, and now you gotta re-build it all. These mineral elements are what your body is actually made of, and therefore are exactly what it needs in order to repair and re-build itself.


Light, Sound, & Other Energy. (New to our Crown Jewels for 2002)

Energy; like sunlight, birds chirping, water flowing, and being surrounded with peace and love, are all essentially and ultimately natural beneficial energydelivery systems. We perceive them when we feel the warmth, listen to the melodies, and feel the warm love energy pour out of Mom’s hand as she checks our forehead for a fever. We also seek to acquire more unconditional warm love for ourselves through touching and being with others. The reflection we feel of God’s love and acceptance for us is the powerful drive behind the urge to procreate.


An Emotional, Moral and Spiritual BALANCE.

Stop living with guilt and disease because of making the wrong choices that you thought were unavoidable – only because you were lost in some illusion. Actually, the bad choices you made were only available for you to choose from due to a lack of having complete knowledge of the love that binds us all together, and the ramifications of your decisions.

It has been my experience that if one cleans out and oxygenates, the thinking becomes clearer, the intuition gets clearer, and then one makes fewer and fewer bad choices, like anger, or drinking, or dope, including cigarettes. When you think clearer you no longer feel comfortable with self abuse,. You make fewer bad choices, and then the body temple can use its energy to repair and rejuvenate – instead of fighting unnecessary toxins you keep piling in.

Instead of just engaging in a holding action against the daily onslaught of stress and toxins, by oxygenating, you engage in positive evolution and character building.

Daily prayer or meditation is highly advised. I have seen broken bones healed instantly through meditation, and dipping into The Life Force daily charges up our creativity and immune defenses. We are now at the evolutionary jumping off point where we finally are re-integrating our access to our total spiritual selves while resident within our human biology, so let’s help the process along, and win the prize.

Try all seven jewels. I mean it. I’ve seen it all, over many years, in all types of people with all sorts of ailments, all over the world, and I can back up that the correctly applied jewels helped them all. This so easy for you to just freely read knowledge that came at the cost of great personal sacrifices by many of us. I am sharing this with you and hoping you appreciate its worth.


I have found only one home and clinical supplement, OxyMune (Wholesale & Retail), that actually combine four of my seven crown jewels of health into just one product.

Using a proprietary micro technology delivery systems, Oxymune is able to rapidly deliver to the whole body, to every organ, to every cell, in every nook and cranny, lots of Oxygen, 7 Enzymes87 Ionic Minerals and Trace Mineralsincluding Hydrogen ions, and MSM, (Sulfur). No wonder people are amazed at the rapidity and thoroughness of the results when they use them, these supplements follow the laws of Nature! And yes, individual results always vary.

The other two crown jewels, drinking lots of clean water, and your emotional and spiritual life, are up to you, but all of these jewels make each other easier to do (and to work faster) because you and life are part of a grand spiritual matrix Whole.

Other products may claim to have one of these ingredients, but I have lab results showing that only these high quality supplements have what is stated on the label. They are the ONLY products in their class. They have been formulated and reformulated repeatedly by brilliant scientists with many years of experience using modern methods, and the quality controls are excellent.

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