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Four Dental Causes of Cancer

Four Dental Causes of Cancer


Hi folks,

I often say it’s a miracle that we, as the wonderful living beings that we are, are still alive.   When one considers what we’ve been bombarded with (such a chemtrails; aspartame; vaccines; fluoride; genetically butchered foods etc etc etc etc) and now conventional dentistry.  The onslaught on our pearlies!    

 As with reflexology, each part of the foot is related to some part in the body;   well so is each tooth connected to a point in the body.   It’s not just the mercury fillings that cause serious health conditions and negative immune reactions in 90% of us, but also the white composite fillings !

I have just started reading an amazing book which is mightily revelatory, right from the foreword by the President of the Holistic Dental Association :

“Conventional dentists view the teeth and dental health as unrelated to the rest of the body, so they cannot teach their patients any holistic practices that can help save their teeth.  However, your entire body is connected to your mouth.   There are meridians, energy channels, and biological pathways such as nerves, veins and arteries that run through your entire body, connecting everything”  

T.Gallagher, D.D.S.

The book:

Cure Tooth Decay (Heal & Prevent Cavities with Nutrition) by Ramiel Nagel

Please share the names of holistic dentists so we can post them (I’m searching for one in Johannesburg!!!) – they are wonderful for daring to break out of the dentistry industry / matrix!

I am not posting the entire document, but if you follow the link you will be able to see it all – pictures and videos!    Yvonne

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 “I sometimes wonder, if it’s the plan to outright kill the poor and ignorant as a process of natural selection?  If you observe carefully all those greedy games in politics and the corporate world you could conclude that we play a game called “survival of the smartest”. In olden times it was the tiger or snake which posed the danger, but today it’s your food, the water you drink (if any) the air you breathe the cosmetics you put on your skin and on top of all that it’s your dentist who is the real danger (probably unconsciously).”

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The Four Dental Causes of Cancer

There are 4 main reasons to check your teeth and jaw in order to resolve cancer. Each of these reasons is crucial and many times the key to recovery.  In fact many of the patients we have spoken to commented that after their visit to a holistic dentist the healing process was much faster and also much easier. Some told us that only after clearing the toxins from their mouth did the cancer finally disappear.

As the immune system is the main factor in the healing process of a holistic cure, it’s easy to understand that removing the toxic load from the body will make a huge difference.


Everybody today knows, or has heard, that AMALGAM is not healthy, which is a huge understatement. It is outright dangerous and in parts responsible for over 60% of all cancers. Many doctors attribute over 80% of all breast cancers to heavy metal poisoning, pointing especially to mercury and lead. If you have ever read the warning label on an old-fashioned thermometer, you know of the warnings: Do not touch or breathe in the fumes of mercury in case a thermometer breaks and the liquid bubbles wobble happily on the table or floor. Mercury is a very potent carcinogen. Despite thousands of published research papers, confirming the fact that mercury is highly toxic, it’s still put into the mouth of our children as well as adults who can not afford more costly solutions. (survival of the richest)

Here is a short video extract from an interview with Dr. Thomas Rau in Switzerland who treats cancer mainly by removing the toxins from the mouth of a patient. His clinic has huge success which is evidence of the time bomb most of us carry between our teeth.  (this can be found at the above link).

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