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Pamper and Heal

Pamper and Heal – treat yourself!

I am spending some time this winter in Johannesburg, and I offer individual healing sessions.

I will be in Lynnwood Ridge, in Pretoria from 28th May to the 5th of June, and I’ll be in Parkhurst, Johannesburg from 6th June to 26th June, and will be offering individual healing sessions over this time.

In these healing sessions I work with Holistic or “wholistic” healing. I work with counselling, chakra balancing, polarity, sound therapy, reflexology,deep tissue, shiatzu, indian head massage, and therapeutic massage.

My most important work is my Spiritual work and I use these therapies as an opportunity to connect and align with Spirit.

The following sessions are available: Intuitive therapy session ~ R350 (single session, may include any of the above therapies) This session is approximately 1hour.  I will treat specific needs, such as back or neck tension.

All sessions include energy cleansing.

Full Chalice Healing Session ~ R550 (Full body session) This is a 2 hour session. Opening with a Guided Meditation to connect with your Spirit Guides. Cleansing and Balancing. A full body treatment ending with Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

Please email me: or call: 079 2510 314

It is necessary to pre-book times and dates in advance. To reach overall wellness AND “wholeness”, all parts of a person’s life (physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, and spirituality must be considered. Taking a holistic approach involves seeking the tools that will help us attract our desires and find personal power. A person who embraces the desire to find wholeness within his own being soon learns the importance of tending to relationships, caring for the planet, our environments, and having compassion.

I look forward to correspondence with you, and sharing this journey towards good health. With Love, Leeane Chalice

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