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Chemtrail (and Morgellons) Detox recommendations

Universal and Chemtrail Detox Protocol

Revised Jan 22/2012


Heavy Metals, Chemicals and Complex

Deteriorating Health Problems / Diseases

Use supplement dosage in Regular or Therapeutic mode.. per label directions.  As a guideline, investigate cautions. Take all herbs on an empty stomach ½ hr before meals or as directed. Use as often as possible and variations on intake as intuition dictates. There is no need for rigidity in scheduling intake or consistency of frequency of intake…just that the more often you do these products…the quicker the results.

Detoxing WILL produce ‘flu – like symptoms as the liver and kidneys process the toxins out of the body.

It is best to rest and eat lightly

* * * * *

Personally tested and effective…

This section is the Universal Detox for All Ailments

Chanka Piedra – Clears Kidney Excretion Ducts 1to 3 x’s a day…empty stomach 1.2 hr before meals.

Red Beets + Beat Juice – eat Lots – Sulphur +  Cleans liver, Blood, Bowels and Kidneys…drink the juice or eat beets once a day or more

Serrapeptase – Enzyme-Dissolves Waste/Foriegn Matter, etc. 1 – 2 times morning and/or nite

MSM – Sulphur – with or before meals – 1-3 caps per day

Baking Soda (aluminium-free) –must alkalize the body – 1/2 tsp. Day with a glass water / Radiation Kidney Flush between meals

Chlorophyll – Heavy Metals Chelating/Absorbant, + restores Minerals, etc. 1-2 times…small dose to avoid constipation – between meals

Bentonite Clay internal 1 – 2 x’s a day internal before bed or between meals..external mud absorbs polymers after breakup with essential oils…as often as possible…dry scrape off or just keep applying oils and rubbing.

Pectin 1-3 x;s a day – after meals

H2O2 Food Grade 33% 1-3 times a day on empty stomach 1 hr before meals – see cautions..more H202…more detox….mix with oils and/or bentonite mud for external use. (mix with Magnesium Oxide and water for internal Bowel Flush 1x per day as needed.)

O2 / Ozone O3 / Neg IonTherapy –  research these therapies – as directed

Digestive Enzymes/ Microbes – 1 – 3 x’s….take with meals

Probiotics – Digestive Bacteria – 1 – 3 x’s   take 1-3 hrs. after meals

Humic Fulvic Acid – Minerals/Electrolytes 1 time a day with meals

Fulvic Acid 90 capsules

Fulvic Acid capsules or powder : Available from:

Colloidal Silver Water– Over 70 ppm suggested (Heavy usage reportedly effective)

Colloidal Silver (500ml)

Available from:

Zeolite – 6 x‘s per day – Chronic usage directions

Zeolite (500ml)

Available from:

Diatomaceous Earth – Food Grade

Diatomaceous Earth (500ml)

Available from :


Phospherous Saline – Interrupts Bio-Film Assembly

Resveritrol– as directed/desired

Oil of Oregano – anti virus/bacterium/fungi/microbe 1-3 x’s…1 –3 drops under tongue.

Olive Leaf Extract – anti virus/microbe/fungi/bacterium 1-3 times ½ hr. before meals

Vibe- a superior organic food concentrate – For Mitochondria – as directed/desired

* * * * *

Foods – Tested

Non Gmo / Organic – General Support and for Polymer Breakup/Morgellon Sufferers

Pure Water

Coconut Oil – Leaches heavy metals

Olive Oil

Organic Purple Grape Juice

Eggs (organic)—strain off the runny egg white





Brown Mineral Sea Salt

Pink Himalayan Salt.

Oils and Fats

Cilantro..make tea

Milk Thistle Tea

Any Foods with Enzymes

As much NON GMO’d Vegetable intake as possible

Any foods high in phosphorous or alkalinity

Avoid anything with Cellulose or Microcrystalline Cellulose in it…pills/tablets

 * * * * *

Untested (personally) but Reportedly Highly Effective


DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) 100 ml

MMS – Miracle Mineral supplement


both available from :

* * * * *

Topicals to remove Bio Film, Barium, Fibers, Crystals and miscellaneous Plastics, Silicon, etc. for Polymer Breakup – Morgellon Sufferers

Tested Essential Oils –

Blend any combination of the following and experiment with your own additions

Baking Soda (aluminium-free) – can be used as an external scub to break polymer bio film



St. John’s Wort




Apricot Kernel


Add 9-21 drops of H2O2 per 30 mil and shake

* * * * *

Many other oils are reported to be effective in dissolving the bio-film plastic and wrinkles




Grape Seed

Apply essential oil blend to effected / extraction areas ..

Let soak in for 5-10 min,

Then apply a thin coat of Bentonite clay mixed with, your any combination or choice –  H202, Pink Himalayan Salt,  aluminium-free Baking Soda, oils and/or water.

Leave clay on until dry or overnight, then scrape off with finger nails, either dry, or add more oil and melt hardened bio-film absorbed by the clay.

* * * * *  

Practice – for all recoveries

Positive Attitude

Exercise “FREE WILL”  Command all foreign matter to leave your body and healing to begin.

Meditate / Visualize / Manifest – Health and Happiness

Random Acts of Kindness – For Internal Frequency Development

You Tube Videos – 528hz. And related Cymatics and Fractals vids

528 Hz.sound/ frequency vibration/healing

Solfeggio Harmonics – 528 HZ – Miracle – YouTube

14 Oct 2007 … Solfeggio frequency 528 HZ accompanying, a multidimensional sound-scape of healing frequencies and symbols. Audio downloads are … – View by Ixquick ProxyHighlight



 * * * * *


Theramax Automated Massage Bed ( Lymph Drainage, Far Infrared, Neg. Ions, Etc.)

Deep Tissue Hand Massage – not as effective as bed.

An Effective Ionic Detox Foot Spa

Hot Baths with Salt, Baking Soda, Ions, etc. added to bath

Hot Showers

Steam Room

Far Infra-red Sauna

Hot Tub

Any Source of Far infrared, far infrared heating pad, projector, etc.

Facial Mist Unit – add various bio-film dissolving products.

Air and Water Filters.

Rife Frequency Generator – Tubular Growths are restricted to ~13hz.

Assembly is above 10hz. See Chemtrails and Morg/Nano Tech Doc.

* * * * * *




Lymphatic drainage

Immune Support

Nutritional Support

* * * * *


suggested from personal experience

Allopathic Formulas and Practitioners – discretionary

Main Stream Medical Intervention – discretionary

Psychiatrists – discretionary


Rain Water

Cell Phones and Transmissions

Microwave Towers and Wi-Fi Transmissions

High Voltage EMF Fields


* * * * *

Look to the following research people and websites for other approaches to this

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Curative formulas from back to the 14th century


You Tube

Wil – the Body Electrician

Microbes and Micro Energy

Skizit – Analytical Researcher/Educator

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