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Morgellons (an engineered disease)

 Here is something to educate people who don’t know and to help those who have (and are freaking out with this indestructible curse),  or haven’t yet discovered that they have, Morgellons Disease, (apparently caused by chemtrails and possibly vaccinations).   A detox programme can be found here :

A Google search will reveal some hard-to-view graphics

The Polymer Bio-Film

Matrix Of  Morgellons

This is what I have found to be the Polymer Matrix tying the Crystals together.

It is a thin fiber, like a hair thin piano wire that gets increasingly harder over time as the oils in the skin that bio activate it, are utilized by the polymers to build the plastic.

From the analysis in myself it appears that the barium fiber is an antennae and poison so when it hits the skin  there is a minute contraction on the skin surface that becomes the strand inside the amber crystals.

This then accumulates the polymers and the area fills and becomes a valley full of polymers that shrink and pull the 2 folds of skin together, which hardens and glazes over with the polymer bio-film on or in the skin at the surface.

This pulling together of the skin produces 3 new perpendicular creases that then fill with polymers that harden and become the Matrix.

The Matrix movie was taken from declassified Pentagon Documents and it appears to be a warning …but we are NOT in the Matrix….The Matrix Is In Us!

The polymers are attracted to a higher electrical stimulation of the skin, wounds, pain, and acupuncture points.

Pools of an invisible polymer collect in the gullies and begin to harden, thus shrinking the skin and providing a smooth undetectable polymer coat on the skin that prevents the sweat and toxins from escaping and this puts a strain on the kidneys and toxifies the body., causing a slow breakdown of the entire unit.

If I try to remove a crystal that is still attached to the is almost impossible, even when I dig flesh and bleed profusely.

Dis-Connect the matrix AND bio-film and the crystals are immediately released.

Reported Energy Amplifications of The Crystals in the Energy Meridians and Nervous System of our Bodies

From my experience and many others who I have spoken to, these crystals amplify negative energy (anger) in the meridians. In an argument, people note that this energy “takes on a life of it’s own” and these arguments get out of control.

It appears that the negative energy is passed back and forth, each time being amplified and triggering a more aggressive response from the other person.

It  may be that because these self-assembling polymers have a critical mass stage, that the amber crystals will eventually turn into the black silicon chips and at the next critical mass stage..they become animated. (The animation stage could also be triggered by the frequency that is used.

This would explain the tubular growths in Florida, Arizona and California and also the variations of the growths and symptoms. It could also be related to the microwaves and proximity to them.

I have great concern about the TV broadcast frequencies reverting to government use only as of August 2011. Frequency controls the growth patterns and probably speed of growth.

This also gives rise to the idea that the government is deliberately trying to incite violence in order to initiate stronger controls on us, and rumors I have heard of certain entities desiring this amplified negative energy.

This also creates anger in people and politicians, enabling them to promote their money-making and population control wars.

Use Oils, H2O2, Bentonite Clay, dry wet, with oil, Baking Soda,

try different mixes to soften the piano wire matrix threads

Oil face and put mud on over nite to scarp off after re-oiling in the morning..if washed off.  The crystals and fibers remain locked in the skin that is contracting from the barium.


This information has been provided from an American who has been researching this condition, from which he suffered, for many years.

I personally spoke at length with a South African lady who was quite freaked out to discover these “live” threads exiting her body in the bath.  She bottled them and found they were indestructible, either with heat or by pressure with tweezers.      (Yvonne)

There is an abundance of information now available on chemtrails.   I just came across this one :

This link explores the possibility of a connection to GMO seeds and foods:

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