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Dementia – resolved!

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Preparing meals for seniors should include coconut oil.

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In 2010 my mother, then 98 years old, became very depressed after the death of my father and brother.  She was on Lexapro for the depression and It took almost 8 months for her to feel better.  Unfortunately, the experience brought on severe dementia.

She fell and broke her hip January 2011 and recently after her 100th birthday she was hospitalized for gall stones.  Each visit to the hospital increased the symptoms of dementia and delirium.  She seldom had a night of uninterrupted sleep, she repeatedly asked the same questions, she forgot some of the names of her children, she obsessed about a bone growing in her mouth (there was no bone), and the list goes on and on of hallucinations and delusions.

A friend recently emailed me a video of Dr. Newport and her research of coconut oil on Alzheimers.  After viewing it I went out to buy some coconut oil.  I figured if it helps Alzheimer’s patients, it should help someone with dementia.

I started her on 2 tablespoons Saturday, March 31, 2012.  I have seen such an improvement beginning with the first day.  She seldom repeats herself, she loves to listen to music and dance.  She has been remembering her past.  She had not spoken of her past since 2010.  I heard her singing a song she used to sing pre-depression.  Once she goes to bed, she stays there until the morning.  I can tell by the blankets that she had a restful night.  Normally the blankets would be all over the place. One thing that has changed drastically is she is now an early riser.  This is a woman who never wanted to get up earlier than 10 am.  Now she’s up at 7:30 and hungry.

I put the coconut oil in her oatmeal and cook all her meals with it. I am very pleased with the changes in her. Of course at 100 I don’t expect her to suddenly act like a 90 year old.  My mom is a very healthy woman with no serious diseases. I’m so glad to see that now she can have conversations with friends and family.

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