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Fix these 3 things and most health problems can resolve themselves

Fix These 3 Things and Most Health Problems

Can Resolve Themselves

Watch this interesting video interview with Dr Mercola

and Dr Rowen

Robert Rowen

Dr. Robert Rowen

An excerpt or two :

… Did God make us with a deficiency of any synthetic chemical anti? I don’t think so. To me, the whole foundation of health and treatment of problems revolves around three basic things:

(1) nutrition or malnutrition, in other words getting the building blocks into your body that the body requires to stay healthy and to repair;

(2) elimination of toxins – it’s the toxins that are inhibiting their body from repairing, so get them out; and

(3) stress”

But what about genetics? Genetics is actually typically NOT a major part of health and disease, unless you have something like Down Syndrome, for example. But for most other diseases, science now tells us that the environment, and that includes the environment inside your body, has everything to do with genetic expression. And that’s the key. The hypothesis that genes are the master controllers has been proven false.

Take a Stand to Protect Your Health Freedom

As you may have noticed, there’s currently a major worldwide push to destroy your rights to medical freedom, so getting involved, in any way you possibly can, no matter what country you live in, is imperative for everyone’s future.

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