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Garbage Gold

Garbage enzyme: the miracle solution

Turn your garbage into Gold!


  • It is safer, cheaper and cleaner alternative to most detergents 
  • It is an excellent nutrient additive for fertilizers and nutrient-deficient soil  
  • It cleans the environment.  The enzymes will neutralize toxins and other pollutants in rivers and in the soil   


How to make Garbage enzyme

Step 1:Ingredients needed

  • 100 grams of unrefined sugar, Black sugar (recommended from the east), Or Molasses and maple syrup (from the West)
  • 1 Part organic kitchen waste (- 300 grams waste)
  • 3 Parts water (1,000 grams or 1 liter water)
  • The size of the Plastic bottle or plastic container will depend on the quantity you wish to produce
    e.g. For 1, 5 kg’s enzymes you will require a container that takes 100 grams sugar: 300 grams waste; and 1 liters of water.

Step 2 : Mixing the ingredients

  1. Weigh 100 grams (3.52739 oz) of sugar
  2. Weigh 300 grams (10.5821 oz) organic kitchen waste
  3. Weigh 1000 grams (35.27 oz) of waterPour organic kitchen waste, sugar, and water into the container.

Step 3 : Date the container

  • After 3 months, the garbage enzyme is ready for use.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cheap and environmentally friendly, miracle, multipurpose product.

Note : Do not dilute in hot water it will destroy the enzymes

Garbage Enzyme for your Home

Garbage Enzyme can be used as an alternative to bleach and other cleaning compounds. It can be diluted with water at a dilution ratioIt can effectively used for:
    • a household cleaning agent
    • to remove foul odors, molds and grime in the kitchen and toilet
    • as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent
    • to drive away insects
    • to clean carpets
    • for removing ticks from pets
    • for laundry washing and ironing
    • for mopping floors
    • for cleaning cars

For gardening and farming

Use garbage enzyme as a natural insecticide, herbicide, pesticide and an organic fertilizer.
Just dilute the enzyme with 1000 times with water Ratio
It stimulates plants to improve quality of fruits and vegetables and to increase crop yield. 
Spray on barren, nutrient deficient land, for 3 months continuously to improve soil quality.

In agriculture, garbage enzyme is used:

  • to reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers
  • to keep the farm free from insects and infections
  • as a soil fertilizer for vegetable growing
  • as a natural pesticide and herbicide
  • to convert sandy land to fertile farm land
  • keeps the air cool and clean in the farm atmosphere i.e. it creates Ozone
  • purifies water, streams and collected water

Advantages of garbage enzyme:

It Purifies our air: During catalysis – It produces O3.  Not does it only kill bacteria, but it will enhance the oxygen in the air.  Dilute 1:500-1000 enzyme put it in a spray bottle.
  2. It keeps the Toilet Clean:  dirt and blockages can be broken down by the enzyme
  3. It keeps our Homes Clean:  it’s an antiseptic. Floors are kept clean. Add 2 table spoons of garbage enzyme to the water used to clean the floor and it kills bacteria. It also repels mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats.
  4. It Keeps the Kitchen Clean:  use the diluted garbage enzyme to clean cooker hoods, stove tops, ovens……appliances. It effectively cleans out 
the most stubborn stains.
  5. It Keeps Clothing Clean:  soak the clothes with small amount of garbage enzyme. It neutralizes harmful, chemical detergents, and it will make the washing procedure easy and soften clothes.
  6. It Cleans Veggies:  when washing fruits and vegetables, add a small amount of garbage enzyme, removes pesticides used- and makes it safer to eat.
  7. For Skin Care and detergents:  add 1:10 of diluted garbage enzyme to shampoos, shower gels, dish washers and detergents. It neutralizes harmful chemical toxins, in commercial detergents.  It helps prevent skin allergies.
  8. Pet Care:  use diluted garbage enzyme to wash your pets, removes ticks.  Spray the dog house.  It neutralizes pet odor, it improves the health of your pet and the Pet’s coat is thicker!
  9. Vehicle Care: add a small amount of garbage enzyme to your vehicles water bottle, It will cool down the engine, prolong the use, less maintenance.  Spraying in the car on the interior will neutralize bad odor.
  10. Natural Fertilizer: diluted garbage enzyme 500-1000 times, can be used to water the plants, flowers and trees. 
Makes very good fertilizer and help the plants to grow. 
Water the empty land for 3 consecutive months to change the soil to excellent quality. 

Last tip: If everyone uses garbage enzyme and can turn their garbage to enzyme in every household, it will add to the collective consciousness to protect our Ozone, We live in a pollution free environment. Food will free from toxins, from the soil as well as pesticides used. The soil would be nourished with nutrients.

If every family uses garbage enzyme to replace harmful chemical cleaning products, and the more garbage enzyme is used:- the more garbage enzyme the more will flow down to our drainage system, in turn cleanse our rivers and seas and atmosphere reduces heavy metals, nourishes our lands with enzyme rains and reduces global warming and will ultimately save our Earth .


Cleaning agent
Ratio: 1 part enzyme: 1 part detergent/cleaner: 10 parts water

Floor cleaning: (cleans and sterilizes)
Quantity: Add 30ml (2 tbsp) enzyme to the water used for mopping.

For your Bath (add in bath water to improve skin condition)
Dilution and Quantity: 50~100cc.
Application: Leave on your body overnight… Rinse in the morning.

Washing machine (cleans and softens laundry)
Dilution and Quantity 20-50cc
Application: Soak and wash

Toilet bowl (prevent blockage & purify sewerage)
Dosage: 250cc concentrate Enzyme
Application: Pour and flush Enzyme

Toilet cistern (purifies water)
Dosage: 20-50cc (two caps)
Application: 2-3 times per week.

Toilet (cleans, deodorizes & is an antiseptic)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Spray when wiping

Garden pond & water tank (purifies water)
Dosage: 1/10,000 litre water
Application: Add occasionally

Leather sofa (cleans mold or stains)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Spray and wipe every 10 days

Carpet & dust mat (deodorizes & is an antiseptic)
Dosage: Slightly moist
Application: Spray 1-2 times a month

Shoes or interior of the cars (deodorizes & is antiseptic)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Spray occasionally for shoes and 10-15 times in a car

Kitchen sinks, stoves, cooker hoods (cleans oily stains)
Dosage: appropriate amount
Application: Soak and wipe occasionally

Black mold (antifungal)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Soak and wipe occasionally.

Pet excretion, pet houses (deodorizes & is an antiseptic)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Spray pet house occasionally and spray 200 -500 for pet excretion

Air-conditioned rooms (humidifies, deodorizes & is an antiseptic)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application; Spray occasionally

Bathroom sinks (cleans)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Soak and wipe occasionally

Cabinets and refrigerators (deodorizes)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Spray 500 times or when cleaning

Drains (prevents drainpipe blockages)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Flush with enzyme when needed.

Pets (bathing, deodorizes & is an antiseptic)
Dosage: Appropriate amount
Application: Upon bathing or brushing

Indoors (purifies air, deodorizes & is a pest control) 
Dosage; Appropriate amount
Application: Spray frequently

Closet, clothes (deodorizes & is an antiseptic)
Dosage: Slightly moist

Seeding and planting (fertilizer), watch your plants flourish!
Dosage: Appropriate amount but don’t over use.
Application: Rinse once

Washing vegetables: (rids of pesticides)
Quantity: Add 30ml (2 tbsp) of enzyme to 1 liter water.
Application: Soak for 45 minutes.

Car care: (Coolant, Deodorizes interior, cleans leather seats)
Quantity: Add 30ml (2 tbsp) of enzyme to water tank to reduce car temperature.


  • “My Papaya trees are flourishing after a month of use”
  • “Hair is softer and cleaner using shampoos with enzyme than after using normal shampoos”
  • “It takes away fowl odors instantly. Only bleach comes close to what garbage enzyme can do, and is much safer!
  • “My Floors are squeaky clean! Our cloths and floor cleaners are cleaner than they have ever been before”

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