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Weight and Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii : this is the real thing!

The Amazing Cactus Nutrient that Tricks Your Brain Into Believing You’re Full!

A Simple, Natural Weight Loss Remedy With No Risky Stimulants, Harmful Chemicals or Nasty Side Effects

Learn how YOU can use this powerful natural cactus-based nutrient to trick your brain into believing you’re full…all day long!

Maybe some of your favorite clothes are feeling a bit snug. Or worse yet, your doctor may have pegged weight gain as the source of your health concerns.
After all, being overweight has been linked to arthritis… back pain… diabetes… excess fatigue… heart disease… and even depression.


If you fall into one of those categories, you’ve probably tried to lose weight—with little success. You might even be confused by all of the conflicting nutrition and diet information available!  One thing for sure is that yo-yo dieting can ruin your health. If you’re sick of losing and gaining the same pounds over and over again—it’s high time you learn about an effective way to shed extra pounds.

Can a Cactus Really Help You Lose Weight?

Scientists shook the diet industry when they discovered an amazing plant that could help you control your eating.
And they were even more surprised to learn that some people had already been using it for centuries!
It’s called Hoodia gordonii—a cactus-like plant used by African bushmen in the Kalahari desertto fight hunger pangs during long journeys or while hunting.

Here’s Why So Many Diets Fail Miserably…

Most overweight folks have tried to lose weight using all types of diets. So why are their weight loss efforts unsuccessful?
One problem is with the diets themselves. Take rapid weight loss diets for example…

These programs can throw your metabolism out of whack.  And this practically guarantees you’ll gain the weight back!

According to Dr. Steven Lamm, assistant professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine, dieting makes your brain think your body needs MORE food.

Because dieting lowers your metabolism, it causes you to store fat. Your body uses this self-defense mechanism to protect you from starving to death.
With each dieting cycle—you’ll find it takes L-O-N-G-E-R to lose weight. What’s more, the pounds you lose will come back even faster!
And scientific studies prove this vicious cycle really does exist…

Hoodia’s Calorie-Cutting Secrets Revealed!                
Hoodia gordonii is an amazing all-natural appetite suppressant that contains a molecule called “p57” which tells the glucose sensors in your hypothalamus to TURN OFF the hunger switch!

Scientists say this p57 molecule is 10,000 times more potent than glucose for triggering this reaction.;  and studies show that Hoodia users consume an average of 1,000 fewer calories daily!
This means Hoodia is effective at helping you eat less food

Studies and Real-Life Examples…

Here are just a few examples that prove Hoodia really works:

• Dr. Richard Goldfarb, medical director of research and development at Bucks County Clinical Research, conducted a study with seven overweight participants. Each patient was required to eat a balanced breakfast with a multivitamin in the morning. They took one capsule of pure Hoodia with 8 ounces of water an hour before lunch, and repeated that an hour before dinner. The participants changed nothing about their diet or activity levels…
• After 28 days, the average weight loss was 10 pounds! And none of the participants reported any adverse side effects!

• Dr. Joseph Varallo, a board certified OB/GYN with a private practice inNew Jersey, conducted an informal evaluation and clinical trial on the supplement . Among the 500 men and women who used a hoodia supplement, he found an 85% satisfaction rate and an average weight loss of two pounds per week. And 60% of patients demonstrated an increase in energy and feeling of well being.  • What’s more, Dr. Varallo’s wife took the same hoodia supplement and lost 40 pounds in just six months!

• In 2003, BBC correspondent Tom Mangold says he and his cameraman ate some of the hoodia plant while traveling in the South African Kalahari Desert. On their four-hour drive back toCape Town, neither Mangold nor his cameramen felt any hunger. In fact, they said their appetites didn’t return until 24 hours after they ate the raw plant!

• Renowned 60 Minutes reporter Lesley Stahl also traveled to theKalahari Desertin November 2004 to sample the raw hoodia plant. After eating a small piece of the plant—Stahl said she wasn’t hungry for the rest of the day!
The studies and personal experiences prove that adding Hoodia to your eating plan can help you melt away pounds—without feeling hungry or deprived!

Plus, it contains no ephedra… no caffeine… and no other harmful stimulants or chemicals.
This Hoodia gordonii manufactured by Afrigetics, using a non-heat extraction process, is safer, healthier, and far more effective than many popular weight loss supplements!

Rarity Makes It Hard to Find the Good Stuff!

Afrigetics’ Hoodia gordonii is a specific variety of the cactus that contains the highest levels of the p57 appetite suppressing molecule.

But it is quite rare for two reasons:
1. It is grown only in the Kalahari desert of South Africa, and
2. The cactus takes over six years to reach maturity before it can be harvested.
Because the world has taken notice of Hoodia as an unparalleled appetite regulator, demand for the cactus extract has skyrocketed!

This has made it more difficult to find reliable product sources.
Many cheap Mexican, South American and Chinese Hoodia “knock-offs” are flooding the market. They don’t work nearly as well as the true South African variety, if at all.  Fortunately, we’ve located a source for the highest quality and most potent South African Hoodia gordonii available!

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