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Baby’s First Food

Baby’s First Food

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What is the best first food for baby?  This is a question all parents inevitably ask and the answer given by most pediatricians is rice cereal.

Unfortunately, any grain based food is not a good idea for children only a few months old as a baby’s immature digestive system does not produce sufficient amylase, the enzyme required for digestion of carbohydrates.  The fact that rice cereal is gluten free makes no difference whatsoever – rice is still a carbohydrate and therefore very difficult for babies to handle digestively.

Incomplete digestion of rice cereal guarantees putrefaction in the gut leading to an imbalance of digestive flora and the potential for allergies and other autoimmune illness to develop down the road.

If not rice cereal, then what?

In this video lesson, I show you how to prepare the perfect first food for your baby around 4-6 months of age:   egg yolk.

While egg white should not be given to babies under a year old, the egg yolk supplies critical brain building cholesterol and fatty acids that will reward you with a child who speaks at an early age.   All 3 of my children were speaking short, yet complete sentences by a year old and I attribute this not only to extended breastfeeding but also to the brain building nutrients supplied by their early first foods as practiced by Traditional Societies.

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