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Rob Baltus

Gestalt therapist

Tel 073 86 39318



What is Gestalt therapy?

Gestalt roughly translated from German means


Gestalt therapy emphasizes looking at the

whole integrated experiences of the individual rather

than dissecting them into analyzable parts.

The client is viewed as an integrated whole with innate

potential for growth and mature self-expression. In

Gestalt therapy the individual is the expert in himself or

herself, and therapeutic growth comes from the unique

relationship between the therapist and the client.

Gestalt therapy approaches life problems as

opportunities to grow. The focus is not on getting rid of

the old habits but on breaking the patterns that prevent

us from developing new behaviours.  The best way of

doing this is in contact with your surroundings (other

persons). In Gestalt sessions we investigate those

relationships in the ‘here and now’.

An important element in Gestalt is becoming

conscious: conscious of your thoughts, your feelings,

your body, your desires, your emotions etc. Through

specifically designed exercises, one’s level of

consciousness can be increased. Once this process has

been initiated, the client, together with their therapist

takes a look at all these feelings/sensations/desires

from an accepting point of view. Becoming more aware

allows for more options to choose from in situations.

Gestalt therapy encourages experimenting with new

behavior in the ‘here and now’. This enables clients to

experience something new. Several techniques are

used, like drawing, role-play, exaggerating behavior

etc. The outcome of an experiment is never

predetermined; it is a search between therapist and


Taking responsibility is an important theme in

Gestalt. You are not always responsible for your

situation or circumstances but you do have the choice

how to deal with them. Gestalt therapy helps you to

take responsibility and guides in how to carry it.


Gestalt in groups

Because of the importance of contact with your

surroundings Gestalt works best in groups. This enables

interaction and gives room for experimenting with new

behavior. To make this possible the group works on

safety and trust, which are issues we all struggle with

in our life to some degree.

An important instrument is ‘feedback’. In the group

trainees learn how to give feedback and how to deal

with receiving it. Giving feedback to someone gives

insight into who you are and your own life values,

which stimulates consciousness. In Gestalt group

sessions we encourage feedback from your own

perspective, rather than from the ‘general norm’.

Although giving feedback in a neutral way can be

somewhat challenging at first, once you get the hang of

it, it becomes second nature. The hardest part is

learning to really receive the “gift” of feedback and

integrate it into life. Once a group establishes the

necessary safety and trust and learns the art of

feedback there are no limitations in what we can teach

each other!

During group meetings there will be room for individual

sessions. The group members will observe the process

and afterwards the person that was in the ‘hot-seat’

can ask for feedback. It is also possible that group

members get involved in an individual session by

playing certain parts in the persons story. This is a

powerful method to explore and release suppressed




If you are interested in participating in a Gestalt group,

please make an appointment for an intake session that

takes 1½ hour. When a Gestalt group suitable for your

situation becomes available, we will offer you a

commitment for at least 10 group meetings and one 2-

day workshop (weekend). The group size is 8-12.

The group meetings take place on a weekday-evening

from 19:00 till 21:00/21:30

An intake session costs R 350. For 10 group sessions

and one 2-day workshop the rate is R 2 100




About me

I am Rob Baltus, born in

Amsterdamin 1963. My first

career was in corporate finance

and I worked as a financial

manager for several companies.

Much of the time I found myself

being a coach and so came to

realize that this is my real passion.

In the eighties I was introduced to

Gestalt and after being in a Gestalt

group for one year I entered the

Gestalt Institute ‘Kristallijn’ in

Amsterdamwhere I was trained as

a Gestalt therapist and got my

certificate in 1994.

I came toSouth Africain 2007.

After a period of settling in my

new country,  I am ready to offer

my Gestalt expertise to the South

African community. I look forward to having the

privilege of working with you too.

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