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Vaccinations – the truth about


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This site and work is dedicated to Casi Renee, in her memory and name.
June 3, 1995 – June 13, 1999

How beautiful is this little girl! 

VRM: Family Charts The Gradual Decline Of Daughter Attributed To Vaccine Trauma – Analysis

There is a sickness that is out there, that the truth can not be, and will not be allowed to be revealed and put forward. I play for all the proverbial marbles, and I have and will fear nothing! The message and information are to important; like it or not. I will NOT be silenced.

Some people might ask the relevance of the below video referencing the National Guard. In this long while of research I have done, the image has become clear to me that this vaccine and modern medicine truth information literally has become a war for and on truth information. We ARE literally in an information black out as far as medical and vaccine issues. That, UNLESS you search for it from the unbiased sources, and use your best judgement. The medical community apparently believes that the average person has no ability to determine what is truth and fact, verses profit motivated and to much to lose junk science information. They know it all. I have one thing to say to that…B.S.!!! You must go to the History of Medicine pages as well and realize what is missing from the real history of our medical books. This is why it is like it is. The soil and the seed. Becamp and Pasteur! Learn the truth. This is where you start!
This is a war for information. Info…wars! Exactly …that. I can see it no other way, as have many others in the know of this information.
Analogy in the Song. “Lay beside me, and tell me what they’ve done”. “Under wicked sky”. 

Healing Our Children, (what an awesome site and well put together set of information)!

The Cause of Disease & Healing Disease.
Short expose on the basics of the health care controversy that goes back 100 years, Becamp’s concepts verses the failed concepts of Pasteur.
Vaccine Side Effects, Refuse Vaccines.
There is No Evidence Vaccines Work.
The Hidden Truth …….. please visit the source site where there is a volume of valuable information

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