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Weight loss and paraliminals

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The Shockingly Effective Strategy for Melting Pounds…
and you can do it even while you sleep

Trying to shed excess weight is a difficult thing to do at any age—but more particularly when you’re over the age of 40.  Age-related weight problems happen not just because your metabolism becomes slower but also because … hormonal changes lead to sluggish digestion … fewer calories are burned … and cell growth slows down dramatically.

     If you can’t seem to lose those excess pounds, or have reached a plateau and can’t get the scale to move any further, the reason may very well be … weight loss resistance.

This simply means that you are unable to lose fat or weight, even though you’re dieting or exercising.  This resistance is caused by a variety of factors, such as hormonal imbalances … thyroid deficiency … toxins from food, water and air … low testosterone … estrogen/progesterone imbalances … or excess cortisol levels (due to chronic stress).

Why You May Be Causing Your Body to Become a Fat-Absorbing Machine!

Most fitness gurus advise you to reduce the number of calories you consume if you want to overcome this weight loss resistance.  But if you do this, it backfires on you.  If you go on a restricted-calorie diet, your metabolism slows down to a crawl.


Because when you restrict your food intake, or starve yourself in any way, your body switches on its survival mechanisms.  When it detects food as being scarce, it does 2 things:

  1. It slows down your metabolic rate so as to conserve the usage of food, which is its fuel to stay alive; and
  2. It starts storing food as fat so as to stockpile ample reserves for what it perceives are lean times ahead.

In other words, when the body senses that it’s being starved, it activates genes that are designed to hang on to your fat!  Your body actually becomes a fat-absorbing machine!

Pushing Past Resistance to Reach Your Ideal Weight

Some of the nation’s foremost nutrition experts are turning their clients toward a powerful answer to the dilemma of resistance.  That answer is paraliminal programming … and it is shockingly effective for melting pounds.

A growing number of prominent business and entertainment celebrities are using paraliminals to transform and succeed in all areas of life.  Many of them are talking openly about their results, including Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul and the 10-time Grammy winner Chaka Khan.

     Athletes and fitness experts are also discovering paraliminals, and increasingly they are using paraliminals to push through resistance and achieve extraordinary results.  For many, paraliminals are the tool that finally knocks down the barriers to achieving and maintaining ideal weight.

That’s because with paraliminals, you learn to eat with heightened awareness.  You find yourself consistently and effortlessly selecting the right foods in the right quantities to meet your nutritional needs—and drop pounds.

As you relax and listen through headphones, paraliminal CDs “send multilevel communications to each hemisphere of the brain so that you begin to trust your body’s signals.”

Paraliminals Work—Even While You Sleep

Paraliminals combine breakthrough technologies of neurolinguistic programming with whole-brain learning and more than two decades of research and fieldwork by Paul Scheele (you may have seen Paul on CBS Television News or The Learning Channel).

What’s more, paraliminals also allow you the luxury of repeating the program innumerable times for maximum results, even while you sleep!

The magic of the double-track recording technology used in the best paraliminal CDs is this:
If you relax and “drive your concentration down the middle” of the simultaneous audio tracks, you will absorb both at the same time.  In this way, the highly therapeutic spoken messages enter deeply into your unconscious mind.  Once that happens, you’re able to eliminate the conditioned, automatically trained behaviors and self-defeating emotional responses.

Why Do Paraliminals Work So Well?

With paraliminal programming, you simply listen with stereo headphones and relax as you gently activate your inner mind to make deep changes in your life.  In just 20 minutes you can easily install new behaviors, and:

  • Neutralize unwanted eating habits
  • Release stress and tension
  • Strengthen your will power
  • Develop a positive relationship to food
  • Guide your body into its natural balance

While you listen (and enjoy a deeply relaxing and pleasurable sound sensation), paraliminal programming works with your self-esteem, your personal body image, and your relationship with your physical body.

This is the key to why paraliminals work so well.  They help you not only push past the resistance barriers, but also eliminate them completely and permanently.  They bypass your conscious mind and engage your unconscious mind directly to eliminate habits that stand in the way of your ideal weight.

Top nutritionists and trainers know that food and exercise are not the only factors that affect your weight.  Low self-confidence, a negative body image, and unwanted addictive behaviors can get in the way of the body you want.  That’s why many recommend a combination of 3 paraliminals that work together to help you shed stubborn weight naturally … build confidence to feel great about yourself … and free yourself from the cycle of addictive behaviors.

All it takes is a set of earphones and 20 minutes a day—asleep or awake—to put paraliminal programming to work on your weight, melting away those extra pounds once and for all.  Click here to see how you can access weight loss paraliminals at a specially reduced 24% off rate for Underground Health Reporter readers.  Discover also how you can get up to 8 paraliminal CDs F*R*E*E.


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