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IRVINGIA now available from BIO-SIL

Irvingia Gabonensis

now available from BIO-SIL

otherwise commonly known as African Mango comes from the Wild or Bush Mango tree found in West and Central Africa.  This has been newly discovered as an incredibly successful weight loss ingredient and has been shown in several clinical trials to help users shed extra weight through the variety of amazing properties it has to offer.

In a 10 week clinical study, individuals using Irvingia lost an average of 28lbs in body mass with a noticeable decrease in waist size, 6.3% body fat as well as a staggering 27% drop in their “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. (Include comparison to placebo group??)

Irvingia is able to do this by producing the following favourable physiological changes.

During carbohydrate metabolism, the process of glycerol-3 phosphate dehydrogenase converts glucose to triglycerides and this specific process also increases the size and number of fat cells.  Irvingia has been found to inhibit this process thereby slowing body fat production and disbanding the conversion of carbohydrates to fats.

It reverses the effects of leptin resistance.  Leptin is responsible for breaking down “storage” fat for energy and also staves off chronic hungry messages from the brain.

Overweight individuals have a high leptin resistance due to the fact that fat cells produce a compound called C-Reactive protein which blocks the process of leptin.  Overweight individuals supplementing with Irvingia  had lower levels of C-Reactive protein and therefore less leptin activity is blocked.

Irvingia helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels by increasing adiponectin levels which supports insulin sensitivity as well as cardiovascular health.

It also reduces carbohydrate absorption from the diet by inhibiting the amylase enzyme responsible for breaking down carbohydrates into sugars in the digestive system.  By delaying digestion in the stomach after a meal leads to a more balanced blood sugar level.  This action combined with the leptin increases appetite suppression.

Due to its exceptionally high fibre content (14%), Irvingia has been found to significantly lower LDL (bad) cholesterol by binding to it and other blood lipids lowering fats overall.

This amazing extract has taken the weight loss industry by storm, from housewives to professionals not to mention Hollywood and all its glittering celebrities.  It was even endorsed on Oprah by the popular “Dr Oz” who is well known for his disapproval of weight loss pills.

We are offering Irvingia in a pure and greater milligram quantity than most competitors which is also totally suitable for vegetarians.

Our futuristic extraction methods ensure the best outcome for the preservation of vital nutrients in our supplements by freeze drying and using ultrasonic extraction.  Freeze drying causes less damage to the nutrients than other dehydration methods that use higher temperatures.  By freeze-drying, we are preserving upwards of 95% of the nutrients found in the raw material and ensuring an increased shelf-life for our supplements.

Ultrasonic extraction refers to a process by which the cell walls are broken down and nutrients obtained by means of ultrasound as opposed to CO2 or alcohol solvent extraction.  This is a much cleaner and HALAAL method resulting in no residuals and also no carbon footprint, making it the suitable choice for our company.


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