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Current Message from Credo Mutwa

(May 2011)


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Dr Credo Mutwa

South Africa is a land where people forgive 

South Africa has been fraught with a turbulent history. Following the dictates of the day, much needless suffering was inflicted on people.

      Nelson Mandela underwent an enormous transformation, as did millions of South Africa’s citizens. Bishop Desmond Tutu initiated the Truth and Reconciliation Commission where people were given the opportunity to bare their souls.

      Certain television programmes have encouraged people with painful histories and broken hearts, to forgive the misunderstandings that have marred their lives.

Through these processes many hearts were healed.

      When transformation takes place in the hearts of people that transformation ripples through the communities, and one by one, we, the people of this great country, link together to form unbreakable bonds.

Never again will those who attempt to steer us in their chosen direction dictate us to.

      South Africa is the land of forgiveness and together we are moving forward to embrace the magnificent future that lies before us.

Linda Smith –Author of Returning to Myself

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