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The God Within – False Science !!! A must read

Health Ranger unveils The God Within documentary, exposes the false

philosophical foundations of modern science

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I have a timely and important message to share with you today.

As explained in this important mini-documentary we’ve decided to release at this moment (link below),

it is time that we tore away the false facade of “modern science” and exposed the core philosophical underpinnings that have enabled so much pain,

suffering and destruction to be carried out in the name of “science.”

The world of “science” has given us atomic weapons, GMOs, vaccines, toxic synthetic chemicals, pesticides and psychiatric drugs.

It has used innocent people in deadly medical experiments

( and unleashed widespread genetic pollution on our world through the careless proliferation of genetically modified organisms


But the scientists insisted they were creating a better world. “Better living through chemistry,” they said two decades ago. And now, a generation later, we are dealing withcollapse of life on our planet so large and so disastrous that it is being called the sixth great extinction of life on our planet

How could science have paved the way for such destruction on the planet?


The God Within mini-documentary to find out.

It’s available for viewing right now on 

NaturalNews. TV:

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