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Super Psychic Child

When my mother was giving birth to me, she was in a great deal of pain. So much pain that the doctors sent her to have an ultrasound to find out why she was hurting so much. In the room with the ultrasound was an Indian girl who looked at my mother and said, ”This is not an ordinary baby. She is more curious than normal. But she doesn’t want to be born.” So my mom has known since I was born to expect a child that was different somehow.

When I was just a baby in my cradle, I used to float my stuffed animals to the other side of the room with my thoughts. Or I would ”grab” my toys with my eyes, and throw them. When she saw this, my mother knew it was true that I was not an ordinary baby. And so, from the very beginning, she began to protect me.

I remember how my father loved to smoke cigars, and I used to tease him when I was little by making his cigar box lift up from the table to a vertical position. It was so much fun.

When I was older, my mother would tie my hair in braids, because she liked it that way. But I didn’t like my hair in braids, so the moment she was done, my hair would dramatically spring back to the way it was before. She could hardly believe it when she saw this happen. No matter how firmly she tied them, my braids would always come undone immediately. I wasn’t trying to do it on purpose — but I knew that I was doing it.

Sometimes when I would get sad, or even depressed, I used to play with my psychic abilities in various ways. Doing this would cheer me up and make me feel happy and secure and full of joy.

In school, I was always in another world. When I would look up from a dream state, my teachers would look at me and ask what was wrong with me. Sometimes I used to fight with gremlins which my teachers insisted were ”not there.” So why would I end up having bruises on my body? My teachers talked to my parents on several occasions because of my so-called imaginary states, and because I was doing stuff that other kids evidently don’t do.

I also loved to talk to the trees and plants, or even to myself. When adults would ask me who I was talking to, I would tell them — but they didn’t seem to understand. Eventually, I found that I didn’t like to have people around; it just felt so much better to be alone. And so I didn’t have any friends as I grew up, and I never understood what was going on around me, since I was always somewhere else in my mind doing things that apparently were unusual.

It was very difficult for others, I know, but it was very difficult for me, as well. Thank God my parents always understood what was going on, that I had their full support. My grandparents also supported my way of being.

Since it was so difficult for me as I grew up, I started to get scared about this situation with my psychic abilities, so I began to pay more attention to the psychic happenings around me and what they meant. I always believed that there had to be something else beyond this material world. For instance, I could always know what was going to happen in the future. There had to be other worlds, other dimensions, other kinds of people. This just couldn’t be all there was. Recently when my mother, Emma, saw the movie, The 13th Floor, she said to me, ”This is my daughter, this is you.”

Though there was great pressure on me to be normal and to stop using my psychic abilities, I definitely did not stop. They seemed too important to just give away.

Finally, I found a teacher who helped me. His name is Memo — Señor Guillermo Altamirano — and he lives in Mexico. He had studied with an Indostan teacher since he was thirteen years old, and his teachings helped me to understand what I was going through. It was Memo who taught me to see with my hands and feet. He has taught over a thousand children to see in this same way.

He would blindfold us so that no light would come to us, and then he would have us see a TV screen inside our minds. This screen would let us see whatever it was that we needed to see. If a new student could not see the screen within a couple of weeks, he would have the child go back home. After a while, he would have us see little tiny screens around the outer edge, with the bigger screen in the middle. These little screens gave us more detailed information. I have found after doing this for many years that, in most cases, I don’t need to use the screens anymore. I ”just know” whatever it is that I need to know. The information just comes to me, and I feel it in my body like a chill and the hairs stand up on my skin, and I ”know.”

At this time in my life I am changing. Even when I read now, I no longer read in the normal way, and choose instead to read inwardly. If I am looking at a license plate on a car, I close my eyes and see it inside. It all seems so much more natural and easy. You can blindfold me and hand me a picture of your house, for example, and I can see it, and more, I can see throughout your house and tell you what I see. But there is more, and I want to go deeper, now, into what all this means. I want to be able to explore the idea of actually going into these spaces and making them real — so real that I am actually there in my body. There is more to this, and I can’t help being pulled in this direction.

I have always seen things from at least two points of view — from the ordinary world, and from the world that I live within. And now I realize that being different, and seeing and knowing in this way, has helped me all my life to be secure, to have values, and to be more mature and a lot happier than many other children are.

There are explanations beyond modern medicine and science for how these psychic things can happen. There are ways of seeing and knowing that transcend everything that is known in modern physics. I can’t explain this, but I ”know.”

And there are many, many children like me being born today. So if your own kids are doing something similar to what I have experienced, don’t be afraid or worried about their behavior. They are okay. Just love them and support them. Let them know they are different, and honor this difference.

This difference is why we are here. This difference will be that which brings new life and hope to this old and tired world.

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