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Over the past few years, soy has been hailed as a miracle health food.

Unfortunately, the complete opposite is true.

Soy has been linked to a myriad of health conditions such as infantile leukaemia, various forms of cancer, type-1 diabetes, malnutrition, thyroid dysfunction and even erectile dysfunction.

Save me from soy!


Research has shown that babies who have been fed soy-based formulas were at higher risk for developing type-1 diabetes and thyroid disease later in life. Soy-based formulas also contain up to 1000 times more aluminium than non soy-based formulas.


Soy contains a large amount of anti-nutrients (otherwise known as toxins).

One of these is what is referred to as enzyme inhibitors. Enzyme inhibitors block the action of the enzymes which are required to digest proteins.

Even cooking the soy at high temperatures does not break down these inhibitors.

As a result, consuming soy and soy products can lead to conditions such as reduced protein digestion, excessive bloating, a deficiency of essential amino acids, abnormal thyroid functions, a higher risk of breast cancer in women who have had ovaries removed and abnormal blood clotting.

Mineral deficiencies of calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc have also been reported.


Soy isoflavones are another form of soy product which is found in almost all so-called diet products like protein shakes and ‘health bars.’


People who are trying to fall pregnant, those who have difficulty urinating under normal circumstances, breastfeeding moms, those with kidney problems and prostate cancer and anyone suffering from peanut allergies should avoid this ingredient.


The consumption of soy products is especially harmful for men as it has been known to cause them to form breasts, and it is also reported to lower or even destroy their sex drive.

Studies also showed that it causes men to lose arm, chest and leg hair.


The amount of oestrogen contained in 100 grams of soy protein is equivalent to that of one high-dose birth control pill.

In women, this can be responsible for the onset of early menopause, hot flushes, PMS and many other hormone-related issues.

YIKES – check this out mommies!

Soy contains a high number of phytoestrogens. These are an oestrogen-like chemical which is produced by plants. A study estimated that babies who are being fed a soy-based formula are being fed the equivalent of around five birth control pills worth of oestrogen every day.

This amount of oestrogen is thought to be responsible for the increased amount of learning disabilities and cases of ADD/ADHD.

It is also thought to be responsible for the fact that girls are now going through puberty from as young as eight or nine years old.


That being said, the only safe forms of soy to consume are those which have been properly fermented,

such as Japanese natto and properly prepared Chinese tofu.

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