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MMS – new information and clarification

Jim Humble Newsletter

Technical Bulletin #2

Not too long ago, the FDA published an article that was quite untrue. They said the MMS was just industrial bleach, that it might cause much damage to people taking it, and that it is a poison.

  • That’s the FDA contradicting itself

Chlorine dioxide is FDA-approved for sanitizing foods and at this time, if you have eaten food in the United States, chances are about 99% that they were processed with chlorine dioxide (that is, with activated MMS). Their approval is not contingent on the chlorine dioxide being washed off before the food is sold or eaten. If it was really a poison, why would the FDA have authorized its use on foods?

When making these statements, they depend on the public’s ignorance of the facts and on their willingness to believe anything the FDA says. So I thought you might like to know the facts and figures involved instead of being fed falsehoods. Of course, we would all expect a wonderful governmental agency such as the FDA to tell only the truth to the public, but you decide:

What is the True Strength of an MMS Dose?

  • The FDA said that MMS was a 28% solution and thus an industrial bleach

They and other critics always fail to mention the true strength of an MMS dose. They also fail to mention a simple high school chemistry fact, that “All substances are poisonous in large quantities.”

Of course, we often buy products as strong solutions — for example, dishwashing liquid and laundry bleach. But you don’t use 100% laundry bleach on the clothes. You put a tablespoonful in a tub of water, greatly diluting it. And MMS is the same way. We put 3 drops of MMS in a half glass of water or juice and drink it that way. So instead of being 28% the drink is 0.00004% or 7,000 times weaker than the FDA would have you believe.

Of course they say this because they are trying to protect the income of their medical drug manufacturers. An effective remedy like MMS threatens those billions of dollars.

Is MMS Harmful to the Body?


  • The FDA said that MMS could harm the body

But remember that MMS is not an acid — it is an oxidizer and does not have the power of acids. This 0.00004% solution is extremely weak and diluted. It can easily penetrate the thin outer membrane of a pathogen (only one ten-thousandth of an inch), but the membranes around body parts and organs are thousands of time thicker.

Thus the diluted MMS cannot harm these body parts and organs. Also, nature has gone one step further than that. Nature has coated the entire insides of the body with a thin layer of mucus. Laboratory experiments have proven that the weak 0.00004% solution of MMS cannot even penetrate the mucus coating of the inside of the human body, much less penetrate the organ cell membranes beneath it. This mucus coating is generated by goblet cells and is refreshed throughout the body daily.

Although there are some MMS protocols that require more than 3 drops per dose, only malaria requires more than 10 drops. So that means that an MMS dose is seldom more than a 0.00008% mixture (unless you have malaria). So the fact is, that MMS does not do damage to the human body in 0.00008% mixtures and less. It cannot.

One can often have a Herxheimer reaction of nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, and less often headaches and other pains, but these things cannot be the result of damage to the body. They are the result of overdosing yourself with MMS – killing more pathogens than your body can dispose of quickly. The dead pathogens dump poison into the body. In 12 years of MMS use, there has never been any evidence of damage to the body.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the action of MMS in the human body.


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As always with love,

Jim Humble


wishing you abundant health




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