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New Age, New Opportunities – where are you in the melee?

A New Age Misconception

Many new agers have chastised us for addressing events which; are not all love and light. I have also been asked to address this issue. To be enlightened is to be in knowledge of the whole enchilada, both sides of the coin. Any master will tell you this. To be in denial is not being enlightened. There are certain false beliefs that have been inserted into new age philosophy. These be lie fs are part of a plan to create complacency, fashionable denial, and make it okay to turn a blind eye to despicable acts against humanity and nature. This gives the degenerate or negative factions full-unchecked reign to do as they please and they have.

Look at your economy, the bailouts, foreclosures, extreme uneven dispersal of wealth with no concern whatsoever for you, your families, society in general. There is plenty of money to give to the banksters, bonuses, extravagant vacations. There is plenty of money for unjust wars again which are not all love and light for those experiencing them. There is plenty of money for deadly vaccines, poisoning the water with a plethora of toxic chemicals, creating food additives; which are also deadly and addictive. There is plenty of money for a global chemtrail aerosol spraying programs using aluminum, barium, strontium,


They are passing laws to make it illegal to grow your own gardens. The constitution is in the trash, they are installing billions of dollars for anti terror equipment and groping your wives and children yet this is all okay. Where do you think the terrorists come from? Why do they hate us? Are there financial gains and a power gains in terrorism? If we focus on this we are unspiritual, un-evolved and are creating it. “NOT!” There are those on this planet that do not share your truth. They do not care about you, your family, your be lie fs, and weather or not you love them and send them light. All they care about is wealth, power and control. The Pollyanna approach is over.

It is time to wake up and smell the coffee, they created the new age fallacy of if you see it, it is within you so don’t look at it or address it because you are creating it. Did Jesus wake up one morning and say today is a good day to get crucified? I think I will make sure the local hardware store has some good strong nails and beams for a cross? Was there an already existing evil? What did he do to make them all so angry? Did he and the other prophets, saints and sages address the injustices to man and nature? Look at what happens to those who truly care and try to do something to expose and stop the tyranny and complete disregard for human life and nature. Messiahs die young on this planet and when they do they are branded conspiracy nuts, enemies of the state, boat rockers and unspiritual.

Is it spiritual to do nothing while innocent families and children are being blown apart in unjust wars for profit, jabbed with deadly vaccines by the disease profiteers then coming down with autism, cancers, or other serious disorders. Is it spiritual to watch your neighbor loose their houses, their jobs, go without food shelter? Those who be lie ve the secret is to manifest more money, a giant home, a new car and totally deny their neighbors suffering you have been duped. This is not just local it is global. We are one planet, one people, there are no divisions in the unified field what ever name you give it. The Creator, God, Spirit is omnipresent in all Creation. These maniacal megalomaniacs, chosen ones, those who be lie ve they are separate from humanity and nature as well as beyond karma are going to have their day. The powers that be are not the true powers that be and the real powers that be are pressing hard upon this planet, this solar system and this entire universe. The days of tyranny are coming to a close. Are you going to be a part of this process or walk in complete denial. Are you going to find the courage to stand in your truth, refuse to participate in any actions; which are unjust or harmful to humanity and the Earth? Are you going to ride the beast all the way down to its eventual demise? It cannot be sustained.

Are you going to continue to allow the war and disease profiteers to run your lives through fear and terror until it escalates to the point of knocking on your door? Are you going to take the smug spiritual approach and act as if you are above all this? Are you going to choose to live a half-truth, spread the half-truth message lulling everyone into a false sense of security? Spreading the feel good message and telling people what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear is very profitable, a good career move yet lacking in any real power and character.

These are questions we are all going to have to ask ourselves in the days to come. There is a frequency and a force that will put a stop to the injustices and actions against humanity and the Earth. Call it what you want yet it is real and it will reset the planet on its original course; which was to be an Eden. There is no room for the beast, tyranny, unbridled greed or those who serve the beast in the days to come. Those who are willing participants that serve the beast will also have their day of reckoning. When they pass this plane they will have their light review and believe me when standing in the presence of a magnificent being of light nothing is hidden. You will face and feel all the pain, suffering including your denials concerning others. That is the way it is and the way it will always be. No one is given a get out of light review free card. There are those who be lie ve love and light is all there is and there will come a day, quite soon when they will say, how did this planet become so unloving and dark. They are going to wonder where their freedom went, where their abundance went, where the fresh wholesome food went, what happened to the water, and where did all the animals go? They will puff and strain, say their mantras, try to undo everything that was done and realize it is to no avail. Their brains will have been reduced to mindless zombies void of emotion; which is in the vaccinations; which will be enforced, it is already in place if nothing is done about it. We will become a society Hitler would be proud of, the Orwellian nightmare of which we were warned. Unless we wake up and find the courage to do something.
The revolution is coming, it is unavoidable. Will it be peaceful, violent, will the madness just stop and flow into the higher plan. I believe it all depends on the level of denial, the level of courage and integrity, how you participate concerning your fellow man and nature. We are here to live in harmony with each other and nature. All else is in error

Be well James Gilliland
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