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Cancer Alternatives



(NaturalNews) There are many alternative treatments


that actually cure cancer without side effects. Some of them are offered at alternative clinics in Mexico, the Caribbean, Cuba, Europe, Russia, and Indonesia.

But there are some major proven effective treatments that can be done at home with very little expense. Experienced alternative cancer researchers recommend using two or three different protocols if one does not attend a clinic.

A Common Foundation

Common to all treatments is what some call the cancer diet.Some cancer survivors have cured themselves by solely going vegan or vegetarian withslow speed juicing and super foods. However, there are certain individuals whose body type requires some meat. Grass fed non-factory farm produced meat is required for them.

All cancer diets exclude sugar, coffee, alcohol, and processed or junk f oods. Theyproduceacidity in the body. Cancer patients have pH readings of 4 to 5. Citrus, though acidic,tends to produce alkalinity as it`s metabolized.Good health occurs with a more alkaline reading of 7.

Accepting cancer as an indicator for lifestylec hanges with a positive willingness to change is a common theme. Letting go of emotional wounds with acceptance and forgiveness is often part of the healing process as well.

Some Inexpensive, Safe, and Efficacious Therapies


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