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Zero Deaths for natural remedies


Hi, Steve Barwick here, for

More good news for natural health lovers like you and me!

Every year the American Association of Poison Control Centers publishes their annual review of the previous year’s deaths by various substances.

And once again there has not been a single verified death from taking vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, or any other dietary supplement.

Compare that to the staggering 106,000 annual average deaths per year from taking FDA-approved prescription drugs

…and uncountable numbers of serious (and oft-times crippling) side effects caused by prescription drugs…

…and you can easily see why Americans are so enthusiastic about their nutritional supplements!

Still, the shrill cries continue from the pro-pharmaceutical crowd, demanding that nutritional supplements be more heavily regulated “to save lives.”

As my good friends from Orthomolecular News ask at the end of the following article: If supplements are so bad, where are all of the bodies?

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