Garbage to GOLD!

Garbage to GOLD!

Garbage Enzyme – Natural Home Antiseptic

Turn your kitchen wastes (fruits and vegetables) to valuable DIY cleaners and at the same time help recover ozone layer and lower global temperature.

Garbage enzyme is produced by the fermentation of kitchen wastes (fruits and vegetables) together with brown sugar and water. This process will release ozone gas (O3) which will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and heavy metal that traps heat in the cloud. Hence heat can be released from the Earth, reducing greenhouse and global warming effects.

How To Make Garbage Enzyme
1. 1 part sugar
2. 3 parts fruit/vegetable dregs
3. 10 parts water

* Dilute sugar in water. Add in fruit/vegetable dregs
* Leave about a third of space in air tight plastic container for fermentation
* Close it tight
* During first month, open cap twice a day to release gas
* Push the floating garbage downward once in a while
* Place in cool ventilated area
* Ferment for 3 months before use

+ As natural herbicides, fertiliser and to improve quality of fruits
+ Floor cleaner
+ Dish washer
+ Air purifier
+ As far as your imagination can stretch


and some more info   :


Dilute to 1000 times with water for use as natural insecticides, herbicides, pesticides and organic fertilizers. Also can be used to stimulate plant
hormone to improve quality of fruits and vegetables and to increase crop yield.
Spray on idle land for 3 months continuously to improve soil quality.

In agriculture, garbage enzyme is used:
– to reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers
– to keep the farm free from insects and infections
– as a soil fertilizer for vegetable growing
– as a natural pesticide and herbicide
– to convert sandy land to fertile farm land
– keep the air cool and clean in the farm atmosphere
– clean the dirty and impure water in the farm

If every household makes and uses enzymes, it would help tremendously in the reduction of global pollution.

The 10 Good Points about Garbage Enzyme
1. Clean our air: During catalyst – produce O3, not only can kill bacteria, but will increase the oxygen in the air. Mix 1:500-1000 enzyme of dilution, put it in a spray bottle, spray to the air will keep the air clean, eliminate
bad odor!
2. Keep the Toilet Clean: use Garbage enzyme to wash the toilet, can prevent clogs, destroy harmful bacteria, dirt and clog will break down by the enzyme. Repels mosquito, cockroach and rats.
3. Keep Our Homes Clean: Add 2 table spoon of garbage enzyme in the floor cleaning water will clean the floor and kill bacteria.
4. Keep the Kitchen Clean: Use the diluted garbage enzyme to clean cooker hood, stove top, oven……kitchen ware, can effectively clean out
the most stubborn stain.
5. Keep the Clothes Clean: soak the clothes with small amount of garbage enzyme, can reduce the detergent, and will make the washing procedure easy and soften the clothes.
6. Clean Veggies: When washing fruits and vegetables, add a small amount of garbage enzyme, clears pesticides – safer to eat.
7. Skin Care: Add 1:10 of diluted garbage enzyme to shampoo, shower gel, dish washer, detergent, can reduce the usage, and neutralize harmful
chemical toxins, prevent skin allergies to our body.
Use garbage enzyme to soak our body will improve skin problem, and make our skin silky soft! Do not dilute in hot water destroy enzyme
8. Pet Care: Use diluted garbage enzyme to clean your pet, spray their house, will neutralize pet odor and make your pet grow healthy, even growing more hair!
9. Vehicle Care: add a small amount of garbage enzyme to your vehicles water box, will cool down the engine, lengthen the car usage, spray in the car will neutralize bad odor.
10. Natural Fertilizer: diluted garbage enzyme 500-1000 times, use to water the plants, flowers, trees.
Makes very good fertilizer and help the plants to grow.
Water the empty land for 3 consecutive months to change the soil to good

Last tip: If everyone can turn their garbage to enzyme, we will protect our Ozone, and live in a pollution free environment, food will free from toxin.
Garbage enzyme can use in every household
If every family use garbage enzyme to replace chemical cleaning products, Then there will be more garbage enzyme flow down to our drainage system, cleanse our rivers and seas, save our earth.

Turning our garbage to gold is very easy, good for us ALL!
Please start doing it now and at the same time save money on expensive chemical cleaners!

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