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Extricate yourself from the matrix

Hop off the dreaded matrix

Here’s information from a few brave souls who’ve mapped out an escape route for us to follow :

A quick update as to what is happening with Johan, myself and a host of us whose lives are becoming easier, thanks to our new found knowledge of commercial law.

  • Although it is American, the concept is very real in South Africa. In fact, our law is simpler and the processes far more manageable.

  • Secondly, see the cover article in this month’s Noseweek magazine: it investigates the corruption behind the Sheriffs of the Court. Here is some good news for those who are about to have property repossessed:

…a sheriff’s file should contain the warrant of execution, the signed conditions of sale (or deed of sale), and a conveyancer’s certificate. The attorney of record should also record all details of the sale and be able to produce proof that the bond holder has been informed of the sale in execution.

Furthermore, a Sheriff must posses a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. So if you are worried that these guys are after you, at the very least force them to prove to you that all of the above is in order!

  • Finally, we have two more workshops this year: i) the commercial lien process (a powerful remedy against all the sharks out there) and ii) an introduction for beginners which will be held on a Saturday. Please click here

  • for workshop details. By supporting a workshop, you are allowing Johan to keep digging, learning and passing information back to you that could save you (literally) millions of rands. These workshops are very comprehensive. You will learn an incredible amount from them.

On that note, I am happy to say that Johan has made some astonishing discoveries in the past few weeks. These will be revealed to you in his Journey and workshops so stay tuned and please refer more people to this amazing community. There are now almost 2,000 of us here in South Africa.


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