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Children – superb gift

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Ask the Planet Awards
Creative Child Magazine –A panel of over 100 moms and educators awarded Ask the Planet the 2009 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award.
2009 iParenting Media Best Product Award
2009 Parents’ Choice Award

The music and lyrics in Ask the Planet are designed to reconnect children to nature, create a sense of awe for the environment and teach them about the concept of biomimicry. Educators have long called for more creative and palatable approaches to raising awareness about environmental problems. Given the reality of the current ecological crisis, it is challenging to develop the emotional connection to the natural world that creates caring without instilling fear or hopelessness. Today’s children need positive solutions and realistic tools, such as biomimicry, to address the environmental challenges that they will grow up with, and this album will help to inspire and motivate them to make a difference. The album can be used as an educational tool in both formal and non-formal educational settings.

“My 5-year-old son loves this CD AND it may be creating a budding activist. Yesterday he lined up several stuffed animals on the dining room table – killer whale, otter, sting ray, frog (I can only surmise he has become an aquatic frog), and seal. He then announced, “My animals have something to say: ‘Stop putting pollution into the ocean! It is our home and we don’t like that!'” Honestly this does not come from any lecturing or proselytizing on my part; this is coming from his learning as he listens to Amy Martin’s beautiful CD over and over and over . . . Thank you!” –Dawn Lesley, Eugene, OR

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