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ARTHRITIS and gin remedy ?!!

Arthritis Vanishes
So Fast,

I Am In A State of Shock!”


HUH? How can a recipe for gin-soaked raisins qualify as the arthritis home remedy of the century?

Hey, it wasn’t my decision, it’s yours! In the past few months, savvyBottom Line readers like yourself have been writing to us in stunned amazement about their personal results from the Wilen Sisters’ famous raisin remedy…

What is this recipe? Well, I could be coy and just refer you to page 13 in your FREE-Preview book—but then you might not believe me. So, to overcome your skepticism, we’re printing a short version right here:

**** FREE RECIPE! ****

The Amazing Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy

  • 1 lb golden raisins
  • gin (approximately 1 pint)
  • glass bowl (Pyrex® is good—crystal is bad)
  • glass jar with lid

Spread the golden raisins evenly on the bottom of the glass bowl and pour enough gin over them to completely cover. Let them stay that way until all the gin is absorbed. It may take 5 to 7 days.

When the gin is absorbed, transfer the raisins to the jar, put the lid on and keep it closed. Do not refrigerate.

Dosage. Each day, eat only the number of raisins specified on page 13 of your FREE-Preview book. No more, no less. Very important.

Q. Is the gin just making folks numb? NOPE. This remedy was tested by an expert pharmacologist at the University of North Carolina. Result? Less than one drop of alcohol was left in your daily dose of raisins. So no one’s getting tipsy. They’re feeling no painbecause it works. Just be sure to follow the Wilen Sisters’ careful directions on page 13 of your FREE-Preview copy of Bottom Line’s Secret FOOD CURES.

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