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Welcome to the IMVA Medical News Commentaries and our archives of our publications. The Medical News Commentaries also contains Climate and Agricultural News as well as Into the Ashes reporting on world events and financial news. Some occasionally challenged my presumption of this expansion into other subjects and territories because they do not see the tie between those other topics and medicine and health. The fact is, if you look deeply enough, everything is connected to medicine and health.

Certainly the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will have a huge impact on the health of Gulf residents for many years. Climate change and agricultural shortfalls can and will compromise uncountable millions’ nutritional status and thus health. Financial stress and bankruptcy can destroy a person’s state of wellbeing yielding a heart attack or other health complication. Happiness and health are certainly connected. Even politics and powerful manipulations from the top (elite) have their great effect on medicine and public healthcare, so I feel comfortable ranging far and wide in my commentaries.

So you can expect us to touch upon the more vulnerable areas of life and emotion and even of spirit because all of these issues and levels of life have great impacts on our health. Our Medical News Commentaries are the work and writings of Mark Sircus Ac., OMD, director of the IMVA.

We hope soon to have a series of newsletters and communications automatically sent to new subscribers so they can get up to speed on our work and vision.

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