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Raw beauty tips

Instant Papaya Facial

When I am cutting up a papaya for my morning smoothie I take the flesh side of skin and rub it all over my face. The enzymes revitalize your face by breaking down dead skin cells. This works best when the papaya is still slightly firm. Just remember to wipe the papaya pulp off before you leave the house!

Coconut & Vinegar Hair Care

To wash my hair once a week, I like to massage coconut oil into my scalp and through my hair the night before and braid it up, sleep with a towel over the pillow and then in the morning shampoo it out and instead of conditioner pour some apple cider through my hair and then rinse the vinegar out (I’ve also used sour home-made kombucha one time when I had run out of vinegar) This hair treatment is so inexpensive and you probably already have coconut oil and vinegar in your pantry anyways.  The coconut oil conditions your hair and its anti fugal and anti microbial properties mean that you’ll never get dandruff. Rinsing your hair with vinegar sounds a bit weird, but trust me it leaves your hair so incredibly soft.

Shower Secrets – Soft Sweet Smelling Skin

This is an awesome balancing in shower treatment for all Aruyvedic body types that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizer your skin all at the same time. Seriously, you can be out of the shower in under 2 minutes with glowing, soft, sweet smelling skin…


  • Mix ½ cup each of coarsely ground salt and sugar together
  • Mix together a few tablespoons of cold pressed almond oil and a tablespoon of rose water.
  • Then mix the two together and store it in a glass jar within easy reach of the shower

Scoop out a handful while you wait for the water to warm up and rub all over you body. Keep rubbing as you rinse it off under the water.


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