2012 David Wilcock

2012 David Wilcock

David Wilcock


David (Edgar Cayce previously) has some interesting insights which are currently being converted into a movie which should be compelling watching.

Here is a snippet from the above-mentioned current link :

…”This tsunami so many concern themselves with is not a physical one. It is an overwhelming change in perspective brought on by unpredictable personal events….”

….”This process the Earth is now going through is guided at the very highest levels to insure that you will approach whatever level of progress is suitable for you, without ever straying too far, if at all, from the course at hand.”

….”You do have the opportunity to “catch the wave” of transformation that flows through your planet at this time, and [it] can captivate you in its good will to the point where you do become intoxicated with love – not in any negative way, but an overwhelmingly joyful remembrance of your true identity as the One Infinite Creator.


After a long and intense process, I am very happy to announce that we now have a finished first draft of the CONVERGENCE movie script — and it is fantastic!

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have Jim Hart and his partner Amanda Welles writing this script for our grassroots-funded company, Convergence Pictures LLC — with my direct supervision, support and oversight.

Jim sat with Carl Sagan for two years to develop the screenplay for CONTACT. The movie THE LAST MIMZY was also co-opted from an earlier script Jim wrote, originally titled “MIM-Z”, but was significantly different than the original.

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