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Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared For Emergencies?

Have a Plan – Just in Case

(not just for Americans!)

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Hurricane Earl weakened to a Category 3 storm overnight even as thousands of residents and tourists prepared to evacuate from theOuter Banks of North CarolinaThe Associated Press reported. More evacuations along the Eastern Seaboard could follow, depending on the path taken by the storm. It’s still too early to tell where Earl will land, but even if the hurricane stays well offshore, rough surf and dangerous rip currents can be expected.

All Americans are encouraged to prepare for emergency situations by creating a basic emergency supply kit.Recommended items include:

* water
* non-perishable food
* a first aid kit
* a can opener
* a cell phone
* a flashlight with extra batteries
* a battery-powered radio
* a list of emergency contacts

Depending on your situation, the site also suggests keeping the following items on hand:

* prescription medications
* baby food and diapers
* pet food and extra water
* important papers (insurance, wills, passports, etc.)
* matches
* a fire extinguisher
* a complete change of clothing
* cash

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