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With the need to have your physical body in an alkaline state and so much rhetoric in the impurities in food and water, what is the final word on the water we would benefit most from drinking? More specifically: what are the differences between Steam Distilled, Alkalinized, Magnetized, and Reverse Osmosis?

First of all let me say that these are the most commonly known types of water, but they are not the most effective kinds of water for the human being. We will get to the most ideal kind of water, but first we will address what you have asked of us.

Steam Distilled – This water is fine to consume for a very short period of time. It is good for clearing the body of toxins that are moving freely in the blood stream. What we mean by this is that we consider toxins in the blood stream that haven’t attached themselves to organs yet. There is a method of osmosis whereby the toxins can move through the vein wall and attach themselves to organs. Steam Distilled water has no effect on toxins that have moved through the vein wall, but is very good in capturing these toxins as we said that are free flowing in the blood stream. There is an electrical charge in the steam distilled water that attracts the toxins and captures the toxin very similar to the action of a free radical. However, what happens after the free flowing toxins are attracted and contained to these electrons, like a free radical the steam distilled water will attract other electrons from the vein wall. This will first occur in places where the vein wall is in a weakened condition and if this water is consumed over too long a period of time, there can be ruptures. If the rupture happens in the veins of the brain, it is the basis for stroke. Veins can be strengthened primarily through vitamin E and C, therefore it makes sense to be certain that you are taking enough of these two vitamins. We will address plaque in the veins in another article.

Alkalinized Water – We do not understand your question with regard to this form of water unless you are referring to water that has had baking soda added to it which brings it to a balance that leads towards alkalinity. We cannot address every form of water that has been alkalinized unless this is specifically questioned giving us a name of the additional component added to the water. Water with baking soda added to it brings the state of the body to an alkaline condition very quickly; however, since the body is a very delicate balanced vehicle as far as the alkaline acetic condition, it is just as harmful to be in an overly alkaline condition. Alkalinized water should only be used when the body is acidic. You find this out by
using litmus paper to determine if the intake of this water is necessary or needed. Most humans are in an acid state because of the foods they eat, however, there are those who are vegetarians in particular, or vegans, who usually have a well balanced pH factor.

Magnetized Water – We assume you mean water that has been magnetized by the use of magnetics in some fashion. We mention this because what is advertised is not necessarily accurate. All water for purchase has not been magnetized. It is not necessarily a decision to deceive but rather because those who are working with this do not understand that the condition of the process might produce a condition that is only temporary. By the time the individual consumes the water it is no longer magnetized. Again this is dependent upon if the water is magnetized by the time the individual consumes it and we will take the position that the individual is consuming water that is truly magnetized. We perceive magnetized water very efficacious for the treatment of pain. This is not true for all kinds of pain, but for some forms of pain.

Magnetized water is not a panacea for all types of pain but for a very distinct form of pain. Pain that is caused by the accumulation of toxins and swelling from injuries reacts well from this kind of water as it works well in drawing out the toxins and sooths swelling as it draws out the water in the injured areas. When the tissue has been injured, water accumulates so that the tissue has an opportunity to heal. That is one of the reasons for swelling. Magnetized water causes those injured cells to align again as the injury had a jarring movement to the cells and caused the cells to be in misalignment. As in the previously mentioned alkalinized water, this should be consumed on a short term basis for reasons we mentioned; to encourage a healing process, then to stop the intake of this water.

Reverse Osmosis – This perhaps is the most beneficial of all the waters that we discussed for continual consumption. The method for producing this water helps to allow the impurities to fall out of the water. Where this water might be the most contaminant free water of all the choices that we discussed, it doesn’t hold the vibratory rate of pure fresh water that is spring fed from a pure contaminant free source. Water that holds the vibratory rate that harmonizes with the planet Earth is the most efficacious type of water to consume. The problem is that these sources are dwindling on the planet. We will come back to this subject at a later article as this is most important for the health of the human being. Water that is pure and has the proper vibratory rate to harmonize with the body is the most healthful adjunct to the connection between body and soul. It is the vibration in the water that strengthens the connection between the body and the soul. This is extremely important because in a stressful world that you relate to, stress is very destructive to this connection. It is extremely important for people to manage their stress. Stress has a connection to the primitive brain which is at the base of your true brain. There is a portion of the brain that is a carryover from primitive man. Then there was the fight or flight mode presented at perceived dangers, and adrenaline would be pumped into the
bloodstream to prepare primitive man to defend themselves. In your society, stress is continual unless you learn how to manage it. This is why meditation is so important. In meditation, you also train the body to slow down the production of several hormones including cortisol. Too much cortisol in the body causes many other problems.
Carolyn Evers is a messenger for the spiritual hierarchy. She has written six books and a course, “Journey To The Other Side.” Her work encompasses information that she has received from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Carolyn believes that there is a connection between spirituality and science, and she endeavors to incorporate scientific research along with what she receives from spirit. Her work can be found at * * and her contact address is *

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