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Success for Down Syndrome children

This is great news :

“The Brain Grows By Use.” ~ Glenn Doman


Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)


Children with trisomy 21 are brain-injured children. Brain injury is treatable. These children are usually very intelligent. They often fall further and further behind in one area or in many. They can catch up to their peers.

Parents from around the world have helped their children with Trisomy 21, commonly referred to as Down syndrome, to move along the pathway to wellness. Using the programs developed by The Institutes, children diagnosed with Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome, have been able to significantly improve their ability to learn, to communicate, to solve problems and, in some cases, to perform at age level or above. Children with Trisomy 21, labeled as having Down syndrome, have a pattern of malformations that are pathogenetically related. It was believed that these genetic problems were the complete explanation as to why these children could not function as well as other children. As a result, it has been assumed that they could not be treated or helped. This is not the case. The Institutes does not treat the genetic disorder. However, these children are brain-injured as a result of their genetic problems. Those injuries may be mild, moderate, severe, or profound, just as they are in other brain-injured children.

 The Institutes offers a comprehensive program that focuses on neurological growth and development. Our goal is physical, physiological, intellectual, and social growth towards excellence for each child.

The Institutes presents courses for parents where they can learn how to successfully provide enrichment and opportunity at home to help their child progress.

Parents may also bring their child to The Institutes. After a detailed history is taken and a careful and thorough evaluation is completed, a diagnosis is made and a home treatment program is designed for each child.

When parents return home to carry out the program, the staff of The Institutes provide the support parents need to carry out the program until their next visit to The Institutes.



Down syndrome is a label rather than a diagnosis. A proper diagnosis describes where the problem exists, the degree of the problem, and the extent of the problem. It is necessary to treat the brain, where the problem actually exists, to be successful.

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and another lovely case:

November 7, 2014

Trisomy 21 Success Story: Yuuki


yuuki and her brother

Yuuki with her brother


Yuuki was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 as an infant, and as her mother wrote, “Since then we began searching for the best solution we could find to help her develop fully.”

Her mother read the book How To Teach Your Baby To Read, and began to show big red reading words to her baby. As a result, she felt that her little girl’s vision and hearing developed very well.

When Yuuki was two years old and not yet walking, her mother traveled to Philadelphia to attend the What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child course.

She then attended the Lecture Series Program every six months, and received certification in Child Brain Development after completing the series.

Yuuki’s mother taught her hundreds of reading words, sentences, and homemade books, in two languages. At eight years of age, Yuuki was reading storybooks for pleasure at the fifth-grade level, well ahead of other kids her age. She was physically fit, and could run 500 meters nonstop.

However, her speech was not clear, and her writing was below her age level. Her general health was not good enough.

Her mother embarked on The Institute’s Intensive Treatment Program and she and her daughter worked hard to improve Yuuki’s health, along with her intellectual and physical abilities.

By eleven years of age, Yuuki had not had a single illness for over two years. She was reading fiction and non-fiction above her age level, was enjoying writing essays, and was playing the violin and piano. She was a gymnast, and could run 3 kilometers nonstop.

After passing the entrance exams for junior high school, she began school with her peers.

Yuuki is now in her second year of junior high school, and doing great, including having perfect attendance due to her excellent health.Last September, Yuuki traveled to the United States to participate in the celebration of Glenn Doman‘s life. There she sang a beautiful song for the hundreds of people in the audience.

Congratulations to Yuuki, and to her dedicated mother, who was determined that her daughter had the stimulation and the opportunity to really achieve her full potential.


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