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Miracle HOT or COLD box – an all round saving on energy

Miracle Hot Box



The Miracle Hot Box – A powerless slow cooker that pays for itself. Does it really work?

The short answer is YES. And fantastically well at that.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. This is a fabric box, how can it possibly cook food? That’s what I thought the first time I used mine. I was dubious but decided to give it a whirl anyway. I made chicken soup by throwing everything into the pot like I normally do – a whole chicken, vegetables and enough water to cover, heated it up well, stirred hopefully and stuck it in the box. I nearly burnt my hand when I tried to grab the pot handle some 8 hours later! Everything was hot, cooked and delicious. My, oh my, I was gobsmacked.


The Secret

The Miracle Hot Box is a new twist on a very old idea – powerless cooking through heat retention. Once you have brought food to a rolling boil (15 minutes or less) you quickly put the lid on, tuck the pot into the Miracle Hot Box and go on about your business. Food continues to cook, gently but thoroughly without further intervention – from you in the way of stirring or checking and from a power source of any kind. The Hot Box is so well insulated that the temperature drops very slowly and the food cooks evenly – preserving taste, texture and vitamins. To get the most out of your Miracle Hot Box, use these simple tips and tricks.


Save Time, Money and More

This kind of cooking means that not only do you save money, but you save time, stress and nutrients to boot. You can’t burn, dry out or overdo anything and you won’t end up burning the house down either! You can safely leave food to cook away all night while you sleep or at home when you are at work and even in the car while you drive to that picnic. Imagine setting off on a camping holiday with your dinner cooking in the Miracle Hot Box on the way there. All you have to do is set up camp and dish up.

The best thing about the Miracle Hot Box is that the food is ready to eat when you are. Even if it’s done to perfection after 2 or 3 hours, it stays hot for ages without spoiling, dehydrating or overcooking. How’s that for fuss-free cooking?

Good for soups, stews, porridge, mealy meal, casseroles, rice, pot roasts and bread, the Miracle Hot Box is also perfect for cheaper but tasty cuts of meat like brisket that require longer, slower cooking. Did I hear you say “savings”?

A Miracle Cooler as well

The Miracle Hot Box even doubles up as a cooler to keep frozen goods frozen. It is as light as a feather so you can take it in the car when you go shopping. It’s also useful as a pillow.

So if you are time deprived, too busy to fret over a hot stove, interested in healthy cooking, a lazy or a reluctant cook, wanting to save money, care about your carbon foot print, need a back-up plan for emergencies like power outages or all of the above – the Miracle Hot Box is for you. It will revolutionise your life.



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