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Vaccinated Patients Catch Measles and Infect Others

Vaccinated Patients Catch Measles and Infect Others

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : A fully vaccinated US citizen contracted measles and passed it on to others.The finding suggests that measles outbreaks can be expected to occur in so-called developed countries with a high percentage of vaccinated and contradicts well marketed wisdom about vaccines. The new US case is no “one off”. More than 50 percent of patients during a mumps epidemic in the Netherlands had received two MMR shots. The greater picture suggests that well marketed wisdom is not necessarily best practice, and an urgent need to address incestuous relationships between medical practitioners, regulatory bodies, and big pharma.




Science magazine reports that a person, fully vaccinated against measles has contracted the disease and passed it on to others. Conventional and commercial wisdom dictates that two shots are better than just one. That’s why most US citizens and people in many European countries receive two jabs. The fist jab is usually given around a child’s first birthday,which is followed up by a so-called “booster” as a toddler. Conventional wisdom also suggests that less than 1 percent of people who received both shots will contract measles and that those few vaccinated who do contract the disease cannot pass it on to others.

Based on that conventional wisdom, a 22 year-old, fully vaccinated theater worker in New York City who contracted measles in 2011 was released without hospitalization. Against expectations, reports Science magazine, the young man went on and infected others with the disease. The young New Yorker was not the first fully vaccinated who both contracted and passed on the disease. The Oxford Journal of Clinical Infectious Disease reported about a fully vaccinated female patient who contracted the disease and passed it on to four others – two of them were fully vaccinated too.

While some researchers argue that vaccinated people may lose their immunity over time, stressing that the bug ultimately must come from unvaccinated people (the great unwashed), others stress that there is a risk of vaccine failure, but that even taking the eventuality of 3 – 5 percent vaccine failure into account, the safest thing to do is to continue the vaccination program.

Science magazine cites Robert Jacobson, director of clinical studies for the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota, as saying, that even a vaccine failure rate of 3% to 5% could devastate a high school with a few thousand students, adding that the most important ‘vaccine failure’ with measles happens when people refuse the vaccine in the first place.

Research Sqeeze


Putting aside serious concerns about adverse effects and serious concerns about a general unwillingness of the industry and regulatory bodies to address vaccine safety concerns in an appropriate, ethical and transparent manner, the data from a recent study in the Netherlands cast serious doubts about Robert Jacobsens claim.

An article in nsnbc international, published in March 2014, refers to a report, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The study revealed that most cases observed during a nationwide mumps epidemic in the Netherlands, between 2009 and 2012, had received two shots of the (mumps, measles, rubella) MMR vaccineThe risk of contracting a disease was, in other words, considerably higher among those who had been immunized against it.

Well marketed wisdom is not necessarily equivalent to best practice, ethical practice and transparency. Reports, worldwide, strongly suggest that there is an urgent need for a cleanup operation among what increasingly reveals itself as the real “great unwashed”; that is, the labyrinth of revolving doors, bonuses, and incestuous relationships between medical practitioners, regulatory bodies and big pharma. To mention but a few examples:

Flouting Ethics and a PATH of Violations were words used after a parliamentary panel in India looked into the conduct of clinical trials for HPV (cervical cancer) vaccines in Andhra Pradesh and Gurajat four years ago. Several children died during vaccine trials. The scandal was only addressed after media created awareness about it.

A research letter published in the Journal of the American Medical Association “Internal Medicine” reveals that over half of Americans either believe doctors and the government still want to vaccinate children, even though they know these vaccines cause autism and other psychological disorders or are undecided on the question.  69% of the 1361 participants had heard of this issue before. 20% believe it, 36% were undecided [neither agreed nor disagreed] and 44% disagreed.

A peer reviewed study is linking the an epidemic rise in autism to the epidemic rise of vaccine induced type 1 diabetes. The study, published in the current issue of Open Access, Scientific Reports (Vol 2, Issue 3, 2013), is linking an epidemic increase in autism to an epidemic increase of vaccine induced type 1 diabetes.

A recent Australian study reveals that Tamilflu and other anti-retroviral drugs are largely ineffective.The study is but one example that shows how questionable, incestuous relationships between pharma industry and government regulators have resulted in governments buying large stockpiles of ineffective drugs, thus funneling taxpayer money into the bank accounts of big pharma rather than funds being spent on those in need for health care.


Money down the toilet


Harvard scientists warned about an epidemic rise in side effects due to corruption. A recent study about institutional corruption of pharmaceuticals and the myth of safe and effective drugs, warns that over the past 35 years, patients have suffered from a largely hidden epidemic of side effects from drugs that usually have few, offsetting benefits.

In the United States, between 2005 and 2011, nearly half of all new drug formulations in the US were approved without companies having to demonstrate a tangible benefit, such as relieving disease symptoms, extending life, or improving someone’s ability to go about normal activities.

Besides the direct harm that is being inflicted on patients, one of the most dangerous effects of the global, systemic corruption and the incestuous relationship between the medical profession, regulatory bodies and big pharma is that the growing lack of confidence and trust in the medical profession will cause many to reject much needed treatment. It ought to be recognized that corruption in the medical field kills people and that those involved in this corruption have to be dealt with accordingly.

Ch/L – nsnbc 12.04.2014

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