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How you are traded on the stock exchange




This applies just about everywhere!

Best to try and wrap one’s mind around it so we can be free of the enslavement.


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How your
Birth Certificate
is traded on
the Stock Exchange.
Directions for seeing
who owns you and
your children.– NLH

In an earlier post I related the strange story of how the Republic of America was hijacked by a
corporation called the THE UNITED STATES. In that post I focused on the Corporation and its
relationship to the Justice System. Bill Brockbrader declared himself a sovereign being and
based upon solid Law demanded his case be dismissed.I promised you I would explain why you should be very concerned about the fact this nationhas been hijacked by a corporation being run by International Bankers.I suspect this post is only the first. Today we are going to look at how YOU are being bought

and sold on the Stock Market.


This information is used to issue the birth certificate which is actually a Bank Note. This Bank Note/Birth
Certificate is sent to the State where the “Live Birth” is registered. The State makes a Certified Copy and
sends that on to the Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C. From there another Certified Copy is
made and sent to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Brussels, Belgium. The IMF is center of the
world of International Banking.That Bank Note/Birth Certificate is now listed as a collateral asset for

Now the corporation can take out a loan using your Birth Certificate as collateral. While being done, this

practice is totally illegal. Why? Well because this is probably the first time you have heard about this scam!

See, what the Birth Certificate collateral is really saying is that YOU are responsible for the loan THE UNITED

STATES CORPORATION is taking out. You are being found responsible for the loan. As you had no knowledge

of this transaction, it is an unconscionable contract and illegal.

If you have a copy of your birth certificate, take a look at it. You will see a series of numbers at the bottom.

If your birth certificate is in color, the numbers will be in red. Those numbers comprise a security stock exchange

number registered on the World Stock Exchange.  To see how you are doing and who owns you,

go to this link and then follow the photos below.

Click on “Research” (drop down list comes up)
“Quotes” brings up another page

See the black arrow on “Find Symbol
Click and bring up another page

Follow the arrow and click on  “Mutual Fund”
Follow the arrow and click on “Fund Number”

Now put your Birth Certificate number in the
“Search Value” and hit “Search” or use the
number off the Birth Certificate photo above as I did
When you get to the next page, click on
“See Results”
Now, go to this link
and you will see a screen shot for the information corresponding to the birth certificate number for
Bill Brockbrader. 409 different companies are listed.
And what did YOU find? Let us know. Comment below. And let us know what you think we should do about this.The photo of the Birth Certificate and more information can be found at

As it was difficult to copy the formatting of these documents, it would perhaps be best to visit the

original link which is :

– NHL April 9, 2013

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