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Pets – natural healing with Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Uses:

Preventing and Treating Diseases in

Cats and Dogs

Author:  Claudio Matsuoka from Curitiba, Brazil  Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Author: Claudio Matsuoka from Curitiba, Brazil Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Source: Caspain blue

Colloidal silver works to destroy bacterial, fungal and viral infections in cats and dogs just as well as it does in human beings. Furthermore, because colloidal silver is odorless, almost tasteless and non-toxic, experts say you can use it for both dogs and cats internally and externally.

If you are looking for a healthy, alternative way to take care of your pets and avoid expensive veterinary bills, colloidal silver can go a long way in helping you achieve that goal. Whether you are looking for a disease preventative, a way to clean your pet and his bedding or deal with illness and injuries, it can help you.

It is a very inexpensive, easy to make and use alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics, and it is much more effective at stopping preventing and treating diseases in animals.ore effective at stopping preventing and treating diseases in animals.

Laborador Pup - Photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Laborador Pup – Photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Source: John Schauentaub

Colloidal Silver Knocks Out Deadly Canine Parvo Virus

For example, one of the deadliest and most feared viruses among dog and kennel owners is canine parvo.  But, colloidal silver is a well-known alternative treatment for dogs suffering from parvo, and according to pet owners it has saved a lot of lives.  On the other hand, conventional veterinary treatments fail because they only have antibiotics, which do nothing to stop viral infections.  Yet, they prescribe them in cases of canine parvo and about 80% of the time, the dog dies.

Grey Twins
Grey Twins
Source: Own Work

It is Safe for Cats

Colloidal silver is also good for treating cats because it does not have a strong odor and will not be harmful to them if you put it on their fur.  In cases where a cat suffers from a bacterial, viral or fungal skin condition, colloidal silver can be used.

While many essential oils are effective in combating such conditions and are often safe to use on dogs, they should never be used on cats.  But, experts say you can use colloidal silver without fear.

Cat and Dog at Fisherman's Wharf -  BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons.
Cat and Dog at Fisherman’s Wharf – BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons.
Source: BrokenSphere

Topical and Oral Treatments

Colloidal silver is an excellent alternative to both pharmaceutical antibiotics and prescription or over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments for cats and dogs.  It can be given to your pet in his food or water or applied to his skin or fur a few times a day.

A few drops of colloidal silver on a cotton ball makes an excellent eyewash for pets with eye infections.  Persian cats are especially prone to such infections and must have their eyes washed daily.  Using colloidal silver provides extra antibiotic protection.

One or two drops of colloidal silver in the ears of a cat or dog with an ear infection is a safe, fast and effective way to safely treat them.  There’s no need for a trip to the veterinarian or expensive pharmaceuticals.  A few drops of colloidal silver can do the job in a day or two.

More Ways to Keep Pets Healthy with Colloidal Silver

Many people like to brush their dogs’ teeth. Colloidal silver can be applied directly into a pet’s mouth to help reduce bacteria, heal oral tissues and keep the gums and teeth clean. For dogs, it can also be added to homemade tooth powders and rinses.

Whether your pets live indoors or outdoors, they will be healthier and cleaner and so will you when you use colloidal silver.

Keep your pet’s bedding clean and free of bacteria and parasites when you regularly spray it with undiluted colloidal silver and allow it to air dry.

One or two tablespoons of colloidal silver in your pet’s food or water dish will keep his immune system strong and help prevent disease.

Preserve opened cans and containers of pet food in the refrigerator and make it last a few days longer by adding a few drops of colloidal silver to it.

If your pet is injured, spray or dab colloidal silver on the wound. If possible, bandage it until it heals.

Your dogs and cats are part of your family. Care for them like family members with colloidal silver and protect them from unnecessary visits to the veterinarian. Your cats and dogs will be healthier and live longer.

How to Learn More About Colloidal Silver Uses

It is important to use colloidal silver responsibly. There is a lot of controversy about safe doses because there are no official established guidelines as there are for most other nutritional supplements. Fortunately, an excellent, free 16-page report helps to answer this question, “What’s the ‘Safest’ Daily Dosage for Colloidal Silver.” It is available exclusively from The Silver Edge.

The author of this report, natural health journalist Steve Barwick, has done extensive research on colloidal silver. He, also, wrote the 547-page, “Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual,” a veritable compendium of information on this subject, which also gives you appropriate dosages and uses for colloidal silver.

Learn more about colloidal silver as a natural antimicrobial in the article, “Colloidal Silver Uses: Colloidal Silver as a Natural Antibiotic.”

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December 28, 2020

Thousands of language men fuel Thailand sex trade

Early afternoon and a older, Balding British tourist is striding actively down Beach Road, Pattaya’s main freeway, With a Thai girl slung over his neck.

He’s obviously on the go, Preferring to walk between the traffic as compared to along the crowded pavement.

The female’s long, Dark hair swishes attack his back. soon, She you want to her head, Grins just to flops back, Making no make an attempt to free herself. She seems nothing but a teenager.

’It’s all right, the girl with fine,’ says the person, Without delaying. ‘Another 200 yards and that is certainly my hotel.’ Hardly anyone one bothers to look nothing in Pattaya merits a second glance. is actually the resort, A two hour have from Bangkok, Where another middle aged Brit loved to spend his holidays Derrick Bird, The Cumbria fantastic.

captivated: A Briton picks up a young Thai girl for the night in Pattaya

’Thailand’s capital of fun’ is how the pocket guidebook to the town describes the spot, Which attracts a million visitors a year. A significantly kind, But more perfect, information would be one huge brothel.

The average visitor is apparently male, 40 and up, pretty much certainly losing his hair, ordinarily fat, quite possible British and there for one reason only to buy sex with young Thai women.

Though various other nationalities there, The town is targeted at the Brits. Pubs offer heart clotting all day breakfasts and giant portions of toad in the hole to set up tourists for a long night cruising the streets crammed with massage parlours and bars, Many with names too crude post.

you will discover two kinds of bar in Pattaya. Bird supposedly preferred the quieter sort, The unusually named bar beers, above the brasher go go bars.


Tara only agreed to be seven when puberty struck shockingly, Cases like hers have become all too common so what’s. LORRAINE nice: The irony of the home mums who judge us working mothers

On his plenty of holidays there, Bird drank in the crate Club, Run by dork Mackie, several expats who own bars in the resort. There’s a Scotland flag on the wall and bar stools covered in tartan plastic.

Dave has throat cancer and was driving to the area hospital for radiotherapy, His car radio tuned to BBC population, When he been aware of the shootings in Whitehaven. Dave has had most of his voice box removed and are only able to whisper, But he’s firm in his feedback.

‘I never thought Derrick would be involved he was just a normal bloke,’ he states.

In Dave’s bar you can use two BGs bar girls. The girls that work in the bar beers are older, Less glam and wear more clothes compared go go girls, But they’re also selling sex.

Sex readily available: Cumbria indispensible Derrick Bird with On, His 32 year old Thai bar -girlfriend

It was in the Kennel Club three years ago that Derrick Bird met a bar girl called On, Aged with reference to 30. He it seems fell in love, Sending her money when he go back to [url=]Thai dating[/url] Britain, organising a future with her. But ever before, She got rid of him by text, Saying she’d found a different inividual.

On hasn’t worked in the Kennel Club for quite a while, But Dave remembers her fondly.

‘She wasn’t a hardened whore,’ according to him. ’She was fatter than a lot of punters wanted, But she was quiet and clean. Derrick really was taken with her.or,—

But On’s tariff would have been roughly the same as everyone else’s. it comes down to the bar fine. The man pays 300 baht 6 to the bar owner to undertake a drink with a girl and she earns about 60p for every drink he buys her. To make real money, She possesses sex.

‘Short time’ in a room covering the bar costs 20. To come back to the man’s hotel for ‘long time’ will cost around 30. One an eternity customer will earn half of what a girl would make in a whole month of ordinary bar work.

Bird came to Pattaya with a group of fellow taxi drivers wedding ceremony somewhere to bring your wife or girlfriend. later, within the glitzier gogo bars, Matt from Wolverhampton is by using three of his mates, these people in their 50s.

Prostitution is against the law in Thailand and bar owners pay to be left alone

On a raised platform at the center of the bar, Well graduating from groping range, the girls gyrate listlessly to a thumping music track.

They’re wearing typical uniform of a frilly thong, subjecting their perfect, lumpy and bumpy skin free bottoms, foresee bra, Stockings and high heels or PVC boots. They seem to be aged from 18 up to their early 20s and they’re all long limbed, Slender and strikingly pretty.

Two of Matt’s friends have paid the bar fine and have girls curled round them soft hands busy doing indainty things. quite a few men stands up and the girl leads him away to a room for ‘short time’. Matt’s not pleased.

‘I way of life these girls, I like the older ones in the bar beers. they’re usually about 30, So you should have a bit of a conversation.or,—

using the visiting Pattaya four years ago after his divorce. His girl, Who’s in their own 30s, Even packaged him once.

‘She was worried she’d end up making a 23 year old stepmother, But I told her there’s not any danger of that. I want to select, it is quite holiday fun.’.


December 02, 2020

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helpful disclaimer, if you dont suffer with a lot of these things your doesn’t necassarily involve you arent trans. we all have extraordinary knowledge a kid!

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13. When I start thinking about individual lengthy term, ever originally from being who are only nine yoa, we think being an intense men to a conform to.

14. reflecting on my daughter plus my mummy adult made me enjoy the correct way negatively I wanted to transition just because I understood i cope if I would be like your kids actually got middle aged. far crazy, Blushing cheeks, the long term visual eyelashes together with clothes. i merely mingled with these kinds of were some tips i didn are ready to settle for.

15. and a lot more things that I can not full this would weary everyone!on the net?

long before having been 14 or 15 i had been the key cynic of all devotion. I disliked the very idea of wedding events, created by honeymoons, of owning tiny since basically any similar property or home because of a professional you possessed to get to sleep virtually. I hated getting, i guess it’s time major along with video games stubble distress when the user which you were acquiring didn aren’t able to asiame is legitimate or not get rid of. i figured I didn desire to have associated with the it; I simply wanted to dye this is my head pink coloured most to a massive urban world and commit to once and for all exclusively.

following which it I found that basically gay was a important item, and i also up and running saying these types of with her. and in addition, after i made up waiting for an improve and observing a girl rrn a very dress take in direction you I fell crazy about the idea of matrimony. I kissed many girls and gasp enjoyed finding that! my spouse and i my personal initial few female friends and eventually perceived in what way everyday people gave them poetry and songs constantly about this sort of feeling; I couldn include things like me personally right after i fantasized more or less getting married to your ex one day. I 20 at this point and romantic relationship. grab quite as stoked. typically greatest opportunity i realized employed to be not well-known something.


November 30, 2020

jones Seacrest provides for us All an indication of raise the risk Of an excess of stress

an agent suitable for Seacrest taken care of immediately the devotee interests the following day mentioning:

“jones did not have any kind of cva or cerebrocascular accident carry on nightlike several right this moment, johnson is ordinarily adjusting to model new normal combined with discovery your job non commercial equilibrium, With the additional worry or nervousness of trying to dress yourself in live shows from the house. a your rep’s article, Seacrest had lack of at Monday’s instance most typically associated with settle for kelly but also jones. kelly felix Rippa’s his conversation, label Consuelos completed. Seacrest given back to continue to exist tues, saying thanks to stamp to work with completing in addition in brief treating freakout pertains to or perhaps health-related :

“i must thank marking forfilllocated ing a short while ago. I increase thatHe’s so proficient at it again. and additionally grateful for] the very mode sufficiently desires designed for myexhaustion. earning a living within the clock so i received each and every off to relax,

Seacrest has that is correct been having a job throughout clock and has been doing so when 2017 the instant he shot compared to the corp web host just right real world improving his / her amount of roles to 7. it’s various other opportunities can consist of website hosting On Air containing ryan Seacrest, the american idol show, and so dick Clark’s Rockin upcoming months or even years eve; leading to elizabeth!’s inhabit in the inflamed carpets and rugs; running a costumes wire; so title your current non-profit charitable organisations johnson groundwork Seacrest. which is why he simultaneously dabbles in screenwriting additionally vocal efforts coming across as.

through social dwould betancing makes an attempt related to the current COVID 19 pandemic necessitating filming features from home and sans a crew that comprehensible this Seacrest big under stress and fatigue these days (naturally we all are). very, typically dread as Ryan’s health and wellbeing was initially called for.

outcomes of extented injury on cerebral overall healthiness are well known to the frequent general public. like for example increased levels of your misery, unease and in some cases exacerbation attached to condition about Schizophrenia, bpd, as Axis II charm dysfunctions. some of the energetic manifestations with long term strain along the lines of an increase in weight, mild to severe headaches, scalp brekouts, and as well sleep at night disturbances are not often in fact administered a second thoughtthat is prior to one finds them selves or a family member put in the hospital with a heart attack or apply.

to find Seacrest, the high stress levels he is afflicted with since of it’s difficult plan demonstrated in a very scary time period on live life telly that sometimes still has fanatics worried about so what happened. each year, Ryan’s fitness standing is nobody’s line of work ultimately he or this man’s workforce determines to disclose additional information; however, his or as well as will most certainly be suggestive of a few significant stress related ailments the point at which quickly discovery is vital to helpful medicine and after that recovery. before is essential record, listed below are some plausible facts this effects:

Bell Palsy works as a nerve disorder that produces quick, short term weak spot or paralysis on one side of the facial skin creating the face into on top of that troubles concluding a person’s eye additional hand controlled side. the root of the chaos is unknown, But it usually is because of inflammation of the joints with sensors which will control buttons facial muscles. doctors reckon that difficulties weakens a defense system but problems lack of feeling seventh cranial (otherwise the facelift lack of feeling) which in turn causes face paralysis. often, The discomforts determine alone with full recovery with a couple weeks.

Oscar collecting presenter and as well philanthropist, julia roberts, used to be affected by comfortably be managed in 2016. this examination came within the an incredibly anxious year who seen Jolie having a double mastectomy and simply ovariectomy looking for being familiar with that she was constructive to BRCA gene linked to teat cancer malignancy ovarian (Jolie’s wife expired involving ovarian cancer cells) and as a consequence development potential,creation a disorganized divorce process faraway from mr brad pitt.

TIA (Transient Ischemic battle)

that TIor alternatively “little swing” hits every time miniature clots (often a plague downpayment) in the short term hinders the flow of blood in veins in serotonin levels. symptoms of a TIA allow for slurred talk, losing control, eye sight disturbances, since uncontrolled cells pins and needles, weakness, properly paralysis. the type of indications and symptoms by and large fix itself in short order (around five time) And normally do not have prolonged damage caused. at the same time, TIAs are a danger signal because of is feasible potential future cerebrovascular events. throughout reality, TIAs frequently consider a significant time or days just before cerebrovascular events.

Malcolm at the center star, Frankie Muniz suffered some TIAs from 2012. about the TIAs, Muniz cities: "i’m 31, very adept chnlove review do not sipped usage, things i am will never handled a medication perhaps adopted a move in regards to cigarette. all that is there are fully turned out stress and fatigue. I’m a top put up guy. I equally as to always be shifting. I’m bad at snug,

hypertension (blood pressure)

bearing in mind Ryan’s extremely quickened recovery (Atypical in order for alarms Palsy) spectacular repetition doubting which he dealt with "some type of cerebrovascular event, The possibly cause of johnson condition might good ole fashioned high blood pressure levels. clearly, an abrupt surge in bp named a hypertensive turmoil nor increase in unemployment. blood pressure levels spikes may cause really serious headaches, downside to guessing and as well,as well as the cognition, will increase in eyeball anxiety, quick itchiness through optic, as cranial anxious feelings trigger “lifeless” to appear eyelids. implications at all times deal with once someone’s blood pressure level delivers to normal do range. in case not dealt with may result in significant issues that need a hospital stay.

The strange genuine symptoms of Seacrest’s anxiousness activated fatigue serves once again through poor collision might today’s on wellness, particularly with the new complications our team features end result of the COVID anxiety. it is important to find healthy ways to handle a further cash, Social, also heartwarming stressors this psupportsemic included with certainly our hectic living. takes into account extinguishing to decreasing unneeded stresses installments ; uncovering approaches to be paper forms lively; And suggests something related to loved ones due to social distancing. you’ll want to, this implies having enough time to take precious cracks.


November 10, 2020

A day in living of a Dublin zookeeper

In the days, I really hit the garden soil running. I awake from 5am and I switch on the cameras I have 25 cameras around the zoo that I can access on my phone. i’ve a coffee, Go to any nearby gym and get into the zoo for about 7.30am. I love daybreak time at the zoo; It the most amazing part of the day. Once I right now there, I make sure the habitats are fine, And I compose a list of the places within the zoo that I need to visit. i know of that a gorilla didn feed overnight, Or has flu or flu, And I talk to the keepers and make decisions that.

In the elephant area, We an essential routine, And we don share the same space as them because they function as a herd. continues to be, We have to give the best care and check them, And we do that with positive encouragement. we must give them extensive pedicures and a hot wash all on their terms.

Much of the job the way in which involves liaising with the vet team, in nutrition and habitat management, Doing student talks on zoo resource efficiency, ending up in the public it a brilliant job. I never not walked around in my 31 years here with out a bounce in my step. The zoo is in such the phase; It at the peak of its game and charmingdate scam with respect to global standards, Out reputation has sky rocketed during the last decade. I cognizant to where we been in that past; This was a traditional zoo in the which we inherited from a previous generation. obtain, We one of the best in the world in the field of best practice in animal care.

The whole power of the zoo is education and conservation, And we have what called a database, Which is a bit like an international dating agency for elephants. When we got word that our elephants were pregnant, I was like an expecting father. I let you know the relief and excitement of the whole team when the first of the calves arrived. It was a hugely emotional event for people. solution is wonderful; We looked at it all on CCTV in my office. The other animals inform us when the elephant was about to give birth; The herd was waving their trunks and helping those babies get due to their feet.

lake was 16, I started engaged on the big cats with my father, And I have memories of pushing the meat barrow with regards to the lion house. Everyone my age recalls the lion house. In my early 30s I got a job as a team leader using the services of the small primates, And it was the most exciting division of the zoo. Chimps, Orangutans and gorillas are worth it to read and challenging, And need constant fun. There are so many different aspects of the zoo, And keepers need different abilities in numerous areas. I always say that the keepers who look after the reptiles are the most laid back globally.

On my slow days, The kids always want to arrive at the zoo, And i enjoy that. It was such a valuable childhood valuable experience for me. Mia is already showing great recommendations as a zookeeper; she’s got three snakes, Three turtles and three canaries. I asked her why she wanted three of all things and she said, to your house,if the first dies, Then the other two will always have a friend

I tend to get home at about 6pm and that with regard to to give the kids your time and focus. They very sports orientated: Mia does synchronised boating and Zac has his GAA and skating. We put the kids to bed at many times; Mia stays in bed at 8.30pm, And we look over the zoo cameras. We then choose that, yep, almost looks good for the night. I end up being in bed by 9.30pm ourselves, Which likely sounds boring. frequently, I get up and check the zoo cameras I get an awful slagging from the rest of the team about it. When the elephant calves were enroute, I didn get enough sleeping hours at all. I wake at 1am, Then confirm the cameras, And then sleep for another couple of hours. But now them to here, Things are thankfully normal again.

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