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Urine Therapy!


Dear Andrew,

Here is my testimonial from using urine therapy which I started mainly for mental symptoms. My symptoms included depression, poor memory, low concentration, low drive and willpower, low emotional energy.

Well, I started using urine therapy internally two months ago and wow, all my symptoms mentioned above that improved tremendously! Physically, mentally and emotionally, i feel much better. I can now concentrate much better and depression has lifted very nicely!

I have not started distilled water yet, but I intuitively feel that I need to start that, so I am buying a water distiller next month and I cannot wait.

I have also been juicing once a day, using mainly a combination of fruit and mostly vegetables like celery, cucumber and greens. I find this makes the juice much better as too much fruit I feel is too sweet. I also try my best not too over eat which is an important factor. I still eat some cooked food but the urine therapy is helping me to improve my diet alot.

I now plan to start with distilled water and also increase the juicing. I feel urine therapy has had an euristic effect as it has helped me monitor the foods I eat so as to make the urine better tasting. For example certain foods like oats, or soya pudding etc are fine as urine is swet afterwards where as salty pungent food make the urtine taste bad for quite a few cycles.

Kind regards,


Hidden Reminder in Palaces & Churches?

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Childhood Cancer Destroyed with Organic Juices

“December 10th, 1992, my son Drew was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer: Neuroblastoma. He was only 18 months old. His cancer was spread throughout his entire body. A grapefruit-sized tumor with finger-like tentacles attached to his kidneys, liver, pancreas and spine as well as throughout his mesenteric artery. After 1 1/2 years of intense “adult dosage” chemo and radiation, and multiple unsuccessful surgeries to remove the mass, Drew was sent home by the famed Mayo Clinic to die. In his final days, I came across a book that spoke of building up the body’s immune system to heal disease. I learned that by using whole, organic foods, organic juices and natural supplements that we could turbo-boost his immune system to fight the cancer. I immediately had our oncologist place a G-tube in Drew’s abdomen so we could bolus feed the organic juices and ground-up supplements into his body, bypassing the ‘battle’ of trying to get a now almost 3 year old to eat the volume of foods and organic juices to build up his immune system.

I wrote two books detailing the pain, the program we used and shared our passions to alert others of their options. Drew was healed within 6 months of starting his alternative cancer treatment!!! Yes, he was cancer-free. His doctors were astounded! His healthy cells had attacked the tumor, destroying the finger-like cancerous tentacles and forcing the tumor mass to encase itself in a protein barrier, forever imprisoned and dying. Because of his miraculous healing, Drew’s oncologist implemented, to the best of her ability, alternative cancer treatments at Minneapolis Children’s Hospital.

What I failed to realize at that time and while writing my two books was this: When I read the initial book on healing, immediately my heart and mind had totally belief that it would heal him because it all made so much sense to my spirit/higher self. The hope, faith, belief and energy in our household changed from one of preparing for death to one of love, life and inspiration. Today, after evolving and maturing into a deeper understanding of the power of our thoughts and the power of our feelings, I am even more convinced that what healed Drew was intention, positive thought and a belief in what we were doing, coupled with using whole organic foods and natural supplements to build his immune system. This fall, Drew will be a senior in college. He’s 21 years old, and a creative and quirky genius. He is an astounding artist, a keen photographer and a budding filmmaker. Anyone who has had the pleasure of knowing Drew, knows their life has been impacted in a very special and positive way.

I hope Drew’s story inspires all of you to think deeply about your heart’s intentions. Imagine if we all had the sentiment, desire and intention to create heaven on earth to each individual we came across. Imagine what a world it would be. Much love.”

— Leanne Woodland



The theory of transmutation implies that the body is capable, through energetic exchange within the body itself, to transmute certain substances or molecules into other ones. Short-circuiting the system by ingesting one’s own secreted body fluids might stimulate the transmutational forces within and challenge the body to transform unusable substances into usable ones without being constantly disturbed by new external input. This would specifically apply to fasting on urine. Another important aspect is the theory of structured water. The body consists for the biggest part of water and so does urine. Not all water is the same though. The molecular structure of water can be less or more organized and in the latter case one speaks of structured water. The more it is organized, the better all kind of enzymatic processes can do their job. These enzymatic processes, in their turn, are responsible and necessary for the digestion, absorption and transmutation of all nutrients. Urine is thus a crystalline-like substance containing a high amount of structured water.

This structured water, when taken in again, promotes better enzymatic functioning and it has a higher solubility for minerals. A higher amount of structured water in the body system is correlated with better health and more energy. The fact that urine is a liquid crystal substance, particularly because of the various salts in it, implies that it contains crystalline vibrations completely in tune with the vibrational condition of the body. Reingestion might give the body valuable vibrational information. Healthy vibrations will strengthen the already existing, healthy body resonance. Diseased or stress vibrations will counteract any unhealthy resonance in the body. It is known that disturbing sounds of any sort can be counteracted best by confronting it with the same sounds. The vibratory patterns of the body, both in the bones (solid crystals) and in the tissues and fluids (liquid crystals), play an important role in the process of transmutation. The resonance field of a crystal can make a protein, for example, change its form into one that is more useful for the body, or easier adaptable by it.

Applying your own bodily substances in an attempt to heal can lead to a considerably broadened outlook on the intelligence and power of the body, and can increase your appreciation and love for yourself as a physical and spiritual being. Instead of regarding excretions (really just a part of yourself) as enemies, you regard them as your helpers. This healthier way of seeing yourself might well have a powerful healing effect on your body. Urine therapy confronts us with a very concrete ‘healer within’ which works both on a mechanistic and on an energetic level. The latter implies that urine, as a holographic substance, can affect all levels of being, from the physical, through the electromagnetic fields of the emotions and the mind, up to the subtler genetic vibrational information of the soul.

—Coen Van Der Kroon

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9/20/13 Day 691 Distilled Waters Therapy    Urine is NOT a waste product!

Look at the diagram of the urinary system – it shows clearly that it is not connected with the intestines or the stomach but comes straight from the blood then through kidneys and out urethra. This might help those concerned that it is a waste product or toxic in anyway. Urine is antibacterial, antifungal and antivirul etc. etc. etc.


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