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Ear Infections – go natural

Action Hero Moms Treat Ear

Infections Naturally


By Joette Calabrese, Classical Homeopath, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na)

Fry up the bacon. Nurse the baby. Set the yogurt.

Wait…wait – heal an ear infection, too?


Just another day in the life of an Action Hero!

The next time your little one is faced with a painful ear infection, step up and become the family hero. Follow the guidelines below and have the following homeopathic remedies on hand.

Then, take action!

For over 200 years, homeopathic remedies have been shown to alleviate pain and bring healing gently and resolutely….without harsh drugs.

This is the arsenal of champions.

When choosing a remedy for an ear infection, base your remedy choice as closely as you can on the symptoms your child is experiencing. Do this by matching the totality of the symptoms to one of the following remedies. Once you’ve selected the best match, stick with it for up to four doses. As soon as you see improvement (this can often mean the child simply falls asleep or is content again), then stop the remedy. Resume if pain or other symptoms return. This could happen within hours or even a few days.

The remedy may be repeated every 2-3 hours. The determining factor is the intensity of the symptoms. That is, the more painful the symptoms, the more frequently the administration of the remedy. And don’t worry: these remedies are not only effective, but safe even when used frequently.

1) Belladonna 30 …Think of Belladonna for the early stages of an earache when the symptoms come on quickly, with fury, and the child is overwhelmed by the pain. Another good clue is the distinct color associated with Belladonna: red. The exterior of the ear as well as the eardrum may be red.

You may want to purchase your own otoscope if you have enough children and painful ears to justify the expense. I had planned to purchase one with my first child, but because I used homeopathy instead of antibiotics for the first infection he had, I never had to remedy an infection again. That’s how effective these remedies can be.

Homeopathy doesn’t just resolve the infection at hand, but encourages the body to protect from subsequent ones.

2) Pulsatilla 30 … The choice in using this remedy is often based on the child’s demeanor, not only during the infection, but also in times of health. This is the pitiful little child who wants……no…demands, Mom’s attention. If that attention can be obtained, then the pain and overall illness is somewhat
comforted. But oh, if the child can’t get the love she requires, she suffers greatly! I say “she” because more often than not this remedy is suited to girls.

Another fascinating feature of this remedy is that the child who needs it adores ice cream and eating it often causes problems. An ice cream at a birthday party on Saturday can sometimes result in an otitis media on Sunday. Many a parent is impressed with my questions regarding ice cream and exclaims, “How did you know that?”

You just need to know your ear infection remedies and suddenly all the pieces fit together.

3) Chamomilla 30 …Your child’s mood is a huge factor in choosing this remedy, more so than the particular physical symptoms. The child will be extremely irritable, very demanding, and overly sensitive. Sensitivity to pain is extreme and resented.

Most super heroes are uber observant, and that’s what you need to be in order to use homeopathy successfully. So, watch for symptoms of teething.
Chamomilla is the remedy of choice when there’s an ear infection that accompanies teething. The ear pain comes on slowly, but it’s severe and often,
warmth is much appreciated. That is, a warm drink, a warm wrap around the ear, even warm olive oil dripped in the ear. The nose is sometimes watery, but your choice of this remedy will be confirmed more with the mood of the child than his runny nose.

4) Silica 30 … This is a good remedy for ear infections that occur during the later stages of a cold. The child whimpers mildly and is physically weak with fatigue. This may be a matter of course for this child, or only during the illness. When the child needs Silica, the ear pain is intense, but not as extreme as with a Chamomilla child. The pain usually begins at night and starts behind the ear. Noise is particularly irritating even though there’s a stuffed up sensation. Pus may form in the ear and you might see drainage. You might also notice that the nose drains, too.

I wish I had more space in which to give you all the remedies that can be considered for ear infections. But, with these four, I hope I have launched you forward to become the conqueror of family illness.

Get yourself armed for any bad guys that lurk in your world. Then step up and protect your family along with the millions of other supermoms.

Protect the family? You bet! And you did it yourself.

Joette Calabrese, HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) is a certified classical homeopath who teaches mothers and others worldwide via phone and SKYPE.
This is an excerpt from Joette’s latest book, “How to Raise a Drug Free Family”, which she’ll be using to teach her first webinar course for mothers. Sign up for her free, bi-monthly newsletter for the latest details and registration information by going to

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The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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